The Mossos denounce a man for flying a drone over Barcelona without permission

The Mossos d’Esquadra have sued a man 36 years to do irregular flights with drone through the city of Barcelona. These flights could represent a collision risk with the rest of the manned aircraft, mainly helicopters of the services of emergencyor a falling risk of the same drone on people in case of malfunction. In addition, it failed to comply with several precepts of air regulations.

The identification of flight was carried out through the analysis of the airspace of Catalonia carried out by the Mossos through their drone detection systems inside of the kuppel-project. The pilot began his flights near Plaça Cerdà and, from the balcony of his house, made routes of more than six kilometers away around the city, at heights higher than those allowed.

no documentation

The Kuppel system has about sensors installed at different points that configure a kind of aerial protection dome, through which unmanned flight devices can be detected and geolocated.

In this case, the pilot did not have the documentation administration required to fly the drone. In addition, the fact of flying at the distances that he used to, in addition to being prohibited, makes it impossible for the pilot to take action to avoid collision with any manned aircraft. In the flights he also flew over areas with many presence of people on the street.

Caught red-handed

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The agents of the Air Safety Technical Unit (UTSA) and the Drone Unit (UDRON) conducted a device until they were able to locate the pilot when he was doing one of the things you want, at which point they were able to identify him and report him. This was on January 28.
With all the information collected, a certificate has been sent to the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), which may sanction the events with a amount of up to 220,000 euros because there is a risk of colliding with other aircraft flying over the city of Barcelona.

Among other breaches of air regulations, the pilot did not have a certificate to be able to drive, I didn’t have insurance civil liability, and the drone he didn’t have his name tag.

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