Bikini operation yes, but without doing crazy things

Every year around this time gyms are once again filled with old acquaintances who, pressed by the nearness of summer, they intend to fix in a couple of months the damage of the previous ten. It is what is known as operation bikiniand deep down it is nothing more than the sum of dangerous beliefs that lead some people to commit atrocities with their bodies to be able to show an image like the one that has been defined as beautiful in social networks.

Want change our image It’s not bad, but doing it without respect to the body with very poor diets in nutrients and strenuous days in the gym without planning it is dangerous. The process of losing weight without good planning or carried out accelerated way I could cause much more damage than it may seem at first glance. But basically the lack of self-esteem means that the way of eating and training is only changed to please others and not to get healthy or generally improve unhealthy habits that have been acquired over time.

Dangers of a bad diet

In addition, a poorly planned diet due to a excessive haste by losing weight usually leads to the irremediable recovery of the lost weight. Part of the success of weight loss is closely linked to changing habits and muscle mass. Not every time you lose weight, you lose fat. Bad diets and excessive deprivation sometimes lead to loss of fluids and muscle mass that will inevitably lead to failure of our diet. When this situation occurs, the body activates the alert system and creates dozens of calls for us to eat and stop losing this type of tissue.

Today, with interest in weight loss soaring, there is sufficient evidence to be able to affirm that diets that are not balanced, they are not harmless either and that the lack of nutrients or prolonged excessive intake can cause health problems both physical (kidney or gallbladder stones, for example) and psychological (depression and frustration). “Wanting to improve the appearance is something completely common and there is nothing wrong with it, the problem is when we make our happiness depend on it & rdquor ;, he explains Olga Fernandez-Velilla, psychologist at the Cláritas Psychological Institute.

“This time of year, when we expose ourselves more to the gaze of others, is especially complex for people with self-esteem problems or with Eating Disorders (ED). Therefore, behind a diet process there must always be a motivation to improve health and professional advice to avoid major problems & rdquor ;, adds Fernández-Velilla.

The importance of the process

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In this line, the nutrition guru in social networks Carlos Rios, in his latest book ‘Lose fat with real food’ (Ed. Paidós) talks about the importance of the weight loss process beyond the result. Losing weight is not the result of consume light products, ensures, but the consequence of a series of healthy factors such as a diet more balanced and adapted to each person and an adequate amount of physical exercise for each person as well as quality and sufficient sleep.

have some healthy and aligned expectations With the reality of each one, they are usually the key to the success of diets. This does not imply ceasing to be demanding or ambitious, but rather bearing in mind that the demand and ambition have a daily cost and imply an effort that one must know if it is worth it or if in this case one more thing fits less ambitious perspective and be more flexible by assuming slower progress. It’s important to remember that the body and metabolism change in response to what you do, so if you choose the wrong way to lose weight, the body activates a protective response and will sabotage everything you try to do.


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