‘Mamarazzis’ say: Leonor works

Something is happening with Princess Leonor and the press knows it. This week the daughter of the Kings occupied the cover of two magazines. Since last week the alarms went off with the possibility that he is in love with her, her interest in her has increased exponentially. And positive. Everything related to the monarchy lately had an outdated and unglamorous air. Years ago, it wasn’t like that. In the 80’s when Philip VI was a teenager he became the main character of the gossip press. His reports were worth more than any other and his courtships were paid at the price of gold. Wow, to get the idea, in 89the first Photographs with Isabel Sartorius, the paparazzi collected 60 million of the old pesetas. A fortune. Neither Preysler, nor Nati Abascal, nor Jurado.

If anyone had value to the press, it was Prince Philip. Letizia It was also a breath of fresh air. The paparazzi did crazy things, for example, to get the first pictures of her in a bikini. In 2007 they spent five days camouflaged in the mountains of Cabrera Island. They got it and got paid €300,000. It seemed that this excessive interest was a memory of the past, but no. With Leonor something is changingbecause Leonor works. Even the TikTok videos where she appears go viral. If you take a look at the profile of Nuria Marin (@nuriasecret) you will see that of the four videos that she has dedicated to Leonor, one of them has almost 6 million views. no wonder that the most wanted character of the moment be Leonor’s boyfriend. Gone is the trilerism of recent years with the emeritus and company.

@nuriasecret #greenscreen ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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It seems that at least in the case of the princess, the value is assured. There are already paparazzi on duty at Atlantic College in Wales, where the daughter of the Kings and this boy are studying. We know nothing about him except his neck and that he has a brown sweatshirt. The photos will pay very well and if they are already next to Leonor, bingo for whoever gets them.

adriana abenia

This week the presenter has been in the news for screwing up. She, touching professional ceiling. In their Instagram stories Adriana denounced that how was it possible that Roxyin an advertising campaign, will show an overweight model. For Adriana, a model with a non-normative body, she is already an obese woman who defends bad habits and does not deserve to appear in the images. Come on, all the fat women asking Adriana for forgiveness for going out and existing. When the criticism began to take its toll on her, Adriana justified it by saying that she was only opening a debate. Friend, asking your followers what they think about other people’s fat or not is an act of violenceFatphobia specifically. He must have stayed in checkered when they explained to him that the girl in question is called Malia Kale Opaa, is a surfer and she is neither obese nor sick. What Abenia calls an apology for fatness is simply naturalizing the reality of women’s different bodies. She is stubborn, not only has she not apologized but after two days she insisted again. She posted an image on her Instagram criticizing the fact that 7% of health spending was allocated to obesity. She deleted the photo, of course. Someone should have warned him that the ridicule was already exaggerated. Let’s not be fooled. She is not worried about anyone’s health. What’s up! Adriana, apart from being a fat phobic, He has done it to create reaction and traffic on his Instagram account. This, to the influencers, makes them improve their ‘engagement’. In words we can understand, it makes them improve the statistics that measure their interaction with their followers. Thus, the better ‘engagement’, the more billing. She wants to be on everyone’s lips. She has made it. Yes indeed, The mamarazzis have already stopped following her.

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