Bee swarm stops to rest in Barrie’s north end

An unusual sight was captured Friday afternoon in Barrie as a swarm of bees stopped to rest on a tree on Livingstone Street East.

A Barrie woman noticed the bees as she drove home and stopped to snap a pic of the impressive colony.

A bee swarm stops to rest on a tree along Livingstone Street East in Barrie, Ont., on Fri., June 24, 2022. (Photo Courtesy: Alicia Wishart)

While it may appear dangerous or give a fright, experts say swarms will often move on in a few days without intervention.

They say the bees aren’t typically defensive but can sting if disturbed.

Residents are advised to watch the bees from a safe distance.

The Ontario Bee Rescue Society has been notified of the significant swarm.

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