The rain and actions of the state government help improve the level of the dams: Samuel García

Monterey, NL. The rain recorded in recent days and the actions coordinated by the state government, including the bombardment of clouds in the citrus area, have improved the fill level of the damswhich gives them the capacity to continue supplying the Metropolitan Area, assured Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda.

The state president pointed out that today the sources of supply in the entity manage to supply the city with more than 13,200 liters per second, although the goal is to reach 16,000 liters per second.

According to data from the National Water Comissionthe El Cuchillo dam, is the one from which a greater amount of water would be extracted, because it has a capacity of 1,123 million cubic meters, and is currently at 44.58% storage.

Another dam that could be increasing extraction is Salinillas, which is at 68.87 percent.

However, there is no precise data on how much water the extraction of shallow and deep wells is providing.

The great news, said the governor, is that the water supply for the metropolitan area rose from 11,000 to 13,200 liters per second, improving the capacity of the tanks in Santa Catarina, San Pedro Garza GarciaCountry, San Roque, Apodaca and Guadalupe.

On the other hand, García Sepúlveda urged the industrialists of the state to give priority to human consumption and support with the wells that are assigned for their companies.

“I deeply hope that the industry reconsiders, because we don’t want paper, we want water; and it is the fourth time that I have called their attention because Conagua has already adopted a firmer plan, that they cooperate or neck (…) We hope that the industry also helps, ”he stressed.

This in reference to the fact that the National Water Commission would have warned the industrialists that they would have to temporarily cede the water from their concessions to mitigate the crisis, otherwise they would be at risk of losing their concessions.

The Chamber of Transformation Industry of Nuevo Leónin an interview with CNN this Thursday, June 23, denied that the industry has monopolized the water over the years and that this has caused the shortage that is being experienced in the entity.

The CNN report highlighted that one of the causes of water scarcity is the disproportionate increase in population, which is estimated to reach 7 million inhabitants by 2030.

Guillermo Dillon Montaña, CEO of Caintra told CNN: “There are companies that are not using all their water, but on paper they have the right to use a certain (amount) of water.”

“These permits can be transferred so that Agua y Drainaje can legally take more water from the subsoil to inject into the metropolitan area. This is a very specific example, (of the problem) that is currently being dimensioned with the federal authority,” he emphasized. Dillon Mountain.


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