The second season of That’s how I love you is in particular in the running in the categories of the best dramatic series as well as the best direction – for Robin Aubert and Jean-François Rivard – and the best text of a dramatic series, for François Létourneau.

Marilyn Castonguay, Steve Laplante and Sophie Desmarais will be vying for Best Female Lead, Male Supporting Role and Female Supporting Role in a Drama Series.

Already awarded at Cannes last April, Audrey came back competes in the categories of Best Comedy, Best Direction of a Comedy and Best Text of a Comedy. Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré are nominated for this last prize.

The actress will also compete for the prize for best female lead role with Josée Deschênes, who plays in this series centered around a 34-year-old young woman miraculously waking up after a 16-year coma. Denis Bouchard, Martin-David Peters, Dominic St-Laurent and Joanie Guérin are the other cast members to be up for acting awards.

The character of Elizabeth (Sandrine Bisson), surrounded by her sons and her mother-in-law (Micheline Lanctôt) in “Le temps des raspberries”.

Photo: Lou Scamble

Florence Longpré could also win, with Suzie Bouchard, in the category of best text in a drama series for their screenplay of raspberry time, directed by Philippe Falardeau. For his first foray into the small screen, the filmmaker received a nomination in the category of best direction in a drama series.

For his farewell season, District 31 gleaned five nominations, including those for the best annual drama series, the best direction of an annual drama series and the best text for this same type of series for the author Luc Dionne.

On the side of series authors, let’s highlight the nominations of Chantal Cadieux for Another story and Danielle Trottier for writing All the life. Note that Roy Dupuis is in the running for the award for Best Male Lead in an Annual Drama Series for his performance in All the life, which deals with domestic and intimate partner violence.

Roy Dupuis interprets Christophe L’Allier in “All life”.

Photo: Aetios Productions

More applications than last year

Véronique Cloutier and Nicolas Ouellet, who announced the names of the finalists at the Montreal Science Center, indicated that the number of applications increased by 12% to reach the figure of 5064 this year.

In the end, 377 applications were selected for television and 128 for digital production. Among them, 237 people received their first appointment.

The Gémeaux awards will take place on September 15 for the Industry Gala, September 18 for the Opening Gala – both will be hosted by Nicolas Ouellet – and September 18 for the Gala des 37are Gémeaux Prize, which will once again be hosted by Véronique Cloutier.

All of the finalists for the Gémeaux awards this year are available online (New window).

Some of the finalists:

Best Drama Series

Best Annual Drama Series

  • The perfect moments

  • District 31

  • The breakaway

  • All the life

  • We

Best Comedy

  • Audrey came back

  • eye of the storm

  • Guys

  • Without an appointment

  • surviving her children

Best Documentary Series: Society

  • Autism, love and friendship

  • Corruption: the shocking revelations of the Charbonneau commission

  • Double life: when the truth catches up with us

  • Woman I kill you

  • The persuit

Best Variety or Performing Arts Series

  • The beautiful tour

  • Live from the universe

  • Revolution

  • The next stand-up

  • Salebarbes on the Islands

Best Female Lead in a Drama Series

  • Marilyn Castonguay – That’s how I love you

  • Martine Franke – The world of Gabrielle Roy

  • Sandrine Bisson – Raspberry time

  • Anne-Elisabeth Bossé – Plan B

  • Celine Bonnier – A criminal case

Best Male Lead in a Drama Series

  • Luc Picard- One way ticket

  • Steve Laplante- After

  • Edison Ruiz- Raspberry time

  • Vincent Leclerc – Plan B

  • Vincent Leclerc – get me out of me

Best Female Lead in an Annual Drama Series

  • Sophie Pregent – Alerts

  • Chantal Fontaine- The breakaway

  • Marianne Fortier- We

  • Laetitia Isambert – We

  • Marina Orsini- Another story

Best Male Lead in an Annual Drama Series

  • Danny Gilmore– Alerts

  • Guy Jodoin – Alerts

  • Frederic Pierre – Alerts

  • Emile Proulx-Cloutier – The perfect moments

  • Roy Dupuis – All the life

Best Female Lead in a Comedy

  • Josée Deschenes – Audrey came back

  • Florence Longpre – Audrey came back

  • Christine Beaulieu – eye of the storm

  • Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin – surviving her children

  • Rachel Graton- A family bond

Best Male Lead in a Comedy

  • Denis Bouchard- Audrey came back

  • Guy Nadon- The Blue House

  • Michel Charette- Happiness

  • Alexis Martin- Guys

  • Mani Soleymanlou – surviving her children

Best Animation: Comedy

  • Christine Morency- Tightrope

  • Stephane Rousseau – The great well-cooked ComediHa!

  • Jean-Rene Dufort – Infoman 2021

  • Eve Cote – Roast battle: the great duel

  • Jean-Francois Mercier – Laugh without taboos

Best Animation: Public Affairs

  • Anne-Marie Dussault, Celine Galipeau and Patrice Roy – Five leaders, one election (ICI Radio-Canada Télé)

  • Anne-Marie Dussault and Charles Tisseyre – Two years of pandemic: where is the science? (ICI Radio-Canada Télé)

  • Francois Sanche – The bill (ICI Radio-Canada Télé)

  • Catherine Mercier- green week (ICI Radio-Canada Télé)

  • Gerald Fillion – How to survive inflation? (ICI Radio-Canada Télé)

Best Animation: Service Magazine

  • Mehdi Bousaidan – On line

  • Sebastien Diaz and Bianca Gervais – Family size

  • Pierre-Yves McSween – The McSween Index

  • Johane Despins and Denis Gagne – The grocery store

  • Stephane Bellavance – Me, I eat

Best animation: cultural magazine

  • Anne-Marie Withenshaw – It’s just TV

  • Marc Labreche – This year

  • Marc Cassivi and Rebecca Makonnen – Critical mind

  • Sebastien Diaz – The wow effect

  • France Beaudoin- For takeout

Best Animation: Social Interest Magazine

  • Marie-Louise Arsenault – In the media

  • Monic Néron and Emilie Perreault – The future belongs to us

  • Patrick Lagace – Our 20s

  • Jean-René Dufort and Marie-Pier Elie – The big lab

  • Christian Begin – There are people at mass

Best Animation: Youth

  • Massi Mahiou – Massi on mission: human body

  • Luc Langevin- The inventive

  • Pascal Barriault, Valérie Chevalier, Marilou Morin and Pascal Morrissette – crazy pig

  • Pier-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse – The Mammoth Party 2021

  • Jeremiah Larouche – No dumber than us

Best Animation: Variety Series or Special

  • Veronique Cloutier – 1st time

  • France Beaudoin- Live from the Universe: New Year’s Day Special

  • Gregory Charles- around midnight

  • Marie-Lyne Joncas – The next stand-up

  • Edith Cochrane and André Robitaille – TV kids

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