Atlético-Real Madrid: A derby down the hall

  • The controversy over the red-and-white refusal to honor the league champion at the Metropolitano overshadows a duel that could greatly complicate Atlético’s move to the Champions League

  • In football, the first corridor precedent dates back to May 17, 1970, when Athletic honored Atlético, League champion

On one occasion a world star whose name is irrelevant, who won Olympic gold, was world champion, and had been proclaimed the best player on the planet in his discipline three times, warned me in a few Olympic Games: “Unfortunately there are soccer players and athletes & rdquor ;. More than 20 years ago, but he was right then, and even more so now.

“Football has long since ceased to be a sport to become a business & rdquor ;. This alibi has been used in recent times Real Madrid, Barcelona and now, Athletic to disregard the lordship and exemplarity that is assumed as reference institutions, which were at some point, in the field and outside, to feed improper behavior of athletes. A trench warfare that has provoked declarations such as those of Gimenez: “Congratulate Madrid for the title. They really deserve it, but we respect our fans a lot.” What will one have to do with the other? Making a hallway honors the winner and at the same time dignifies your shirt.

Worse still has been the club’s statement in which it was literally warned: “Under no circumstances will Atlético de Madrid collaborate in this attempt at derision in which the true values ​​of sport are completely forgotten and tension and confrontation between the fans & rdquor ;. An absolute nonsense. Attitude, by the way, is not exclusive to Atlético, because real Madrid Y Barcelona They also did it so as not to honor the rival. In December 2017, Barça refused to make Madrid a corridor for their title in the Club World Cup, stating that “we do it when we participate in the competition, and in this case we are not in it. Months later, in May 2018, it was the whites who did not make way for Barça, league champions. Zidane He hid himself in the fact that the azulgranas did not honor them in December to justify the rudeness. It is commented only…

Bilbao precedent

In football, the first corridor precedent dates back to May 17, 1970. Atlético was proclaimed league champion and Athleticwho was runner-up, faced the rojiblancos in the Vicente Calderón in Cup. And the ‘lions’ directed by the British Ronnie Allen honored the mattress makers with a corridor in which iribar Y Gracious they applauded Aragonese, watch out and else. Sign of lordship of the people of Bilbao with an Atlético that today describes it as “attempted derision & rdquor; and something that “promotes tension and confrontation between fans & rdquor ;. It comments itself again.

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In other sports, such as rugby, the corridor is established as an inherent part of the game and its liturgy, and at the end of each game the two teams make a corridor to the rival and thank them for the impetus put into the game, and then share some beers in the third period. A respect for the rival and the player that prevails as the supreme value of this sport of an amateur nature, which prevents it from any comparison with football, sister sports in origin.

Beyond this, Madrid reaches the Metropolitan as League champion and Champions finalist. With nothing more to play for than their prestige, but being able to complicate the classification for the Atléticos Champions the next season. The difference between the two in the table, of 20 points, portrays the performance of each other this season. those of Simeone, which has the most expensive squad in the history of the club, very poor. The one from Madrid, who will have many changes in the eleven, exceeding expectations. What is clear is that there is a corridor or not, this trench and business football will continue to be in the tunnel.

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