Arrimadas’ plan to save Cs, with the PP on the rise and a PSOE that takes it off the board by betting on ERC

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In just one year, the chances of Citizens they have veered from one extreme to another. Immersed in the negotiations of the previous Budgets, those of Ines Arrimadas they made headlines with their claims. They were sought to know the news of the public accounts. They enjoyed a greater influence than, in theory, corresponds to ten seats.

Nothing remains of that landscape. Pedro Sanchez It has chosen to agree on the Budgets with its investiture partners, as it ended up doing last year. With PP on the rise in the polls and Vox in an apparent situation of stability, what is the map drawn by Arrimadas to survive this presumed media irrelevance?

Some leaders of Ciudadanos, in conversation with this newspaper, use the metaphor of the playa. The objective, being in a rough sea, is to return to the sand. But the current pushes out to sea. “Then the lifeguards tell you to keep swimming, but not against the current, but to the side, so that you can go out and head towards the beach when there is no current,” reports an important member of the liberal formation.

And that, translated into politics, what does it mean? Speaking in silver: “Survive the next general elections to be able to rearm the center for the next electoral cycle.”

In Ciudadanos, contrary to what happened in the time of Albert Rivera, “majorities” are no longer mentioned. It is not just a question of reality – they have ten seats – but of conviction. Or conviction pushed by reality. “We aspire to condition the governments of one side and the other so that they return to centrality. We are, now, a true liberal party,” comments another president in a conversation with EL ESPAÑOL.

Plunged into a downward trend – disappearance in Madrid and bump in Catalonia – Arrimadas and his team are convinced that if the initials outlive the general ones, polarization will give them a “great opportunity”.

“We will continue to persevere with our proposals and our responsible attitude. In a pandemic we were important with our votes, but sometimes that is not enough, it does not depend only on you. It is difficult to capitalize on the benefits of centrality at a time like this,” says this same source.

On the other hand, it remains to be seen what happens in the center right when the next elections arrive. PP sources in different Communities and Municipalities emphasize that a disappearance of Cs can leave them out of the governments. The almost 4% of votes obtained, for example, by Edmundo bal in the Community of Madrid it could be decisive in places like Valencia.

To date, according to EL ESPAÑOL, there have been no conversations in this regard and Ciudadanos is committed to maintaining independence on the electoral ballots. Your first challenge will be in Andalusia; the best place of all possible, since this region has always been one of the largest fishing grounds for orange votes.

“Put up with”

“If we are able to endure, taking into account what will come next … The center will grow. There is an important part of society that will not be willing to assume certain value systems. We must endure and explain why we are necessary,” he says another member of the Liberal Executive.

With that “what will come later” he makes a veiled reference to two situations: the continuation of a PSOE-Podemos government increasingly in the arms of the nationalists or the emergence of Vox in Moncloa at the hands of the PP. “The route to avoid drowning is often not the shortest”, add the metaphor of the beach.

In an interview with this newspaper, Albert Boadella, founder of Ciudadanos, ironized: “57 deputies seemed excessive to me. I always believed that the logical thing was to obtain thirty and condition the great policies. Do you know of any liberal party with an absolute majority?”

And in those is Ciudadanos, in the midst of the fragmentation era, trying to start a sufficient number of seats in Town Halls, Communities and Congress to be an essential partner of any majority. Despite the drop in expectations, it will be, according to all the polls, very complicated.

“We are going to persevere. To work hard. To break stone. We know that it will not depend only on us. The media ecosystem is important,” explains another leader close to Arrimadas.

In Ciudadanos –and this has happened with both Rivera and Arrimadas– they have always had the feeling that there are “very few” opinion-makers who support them in the social gatherings. They sing that “the center is difficult to defend.” With a large part of power lost, that share has dropped.

“Of course, the vision of the editors is important. But they also seek stability. Political stability is essential for social stability. And we are the ones who can bring moderation. We must convince them,” conclude the sources consulted.

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