Apple Watch Series 8 will reportedly feature body temperature sensors

Although the Apple Watch Series 7 has yet to be officially revealed, we are already running into rumors about the inevitable Series 8 next year.

As first reported by 9to5MacTrusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple’s Apple Watch 2022 will feature several new health sensors, including measuring body temperature. Previous rumors have also suggested that glucose monitoring could also finally make its way to the Apple Watch with the Series 8.

Along with the rumors surrounding Series 8, Kuo says that Health features are coming to Apple AirPods. in two years. However, it is unclear which version of AirPods will receive the features. Previous reports have stated that the next version of Apple’s AirPods Pro will include new motion sensors and built-in fitness tracking.

It’s also possible that Apple has plans to release a fitness-focused version of its standard AirPods, though, given that third-gen AirPods are rumored to be revealed later this week, that’s unlikely.

Rumors also surfaced recently about Apple’s plans to increase the top storage tier of the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max to 1TB. For more on Apple’s September 14 event, check out my roundup of everything we hope to see during the stream.

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