Angela Merkel, an austere and unchanging style: this may be a detail for you …

The chancellor and the tottering

A farewell tour? It’s not the kind of house. After almost sixteen years at the head of Germany and a few days to bow out, Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to push matters forward and prepare for the future as if nothing had happened. Last week, in the small town of Templin, in the heart of the Land of Brandenburg, she laid the foundation stone for a future nursery. And, of course, called for calm when the Mayor, Detlef Tabbert, tried to distract the audience with a little genuflection.

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Avanie and raspberry

Until the end, Angela Merkel remains true to herself and her style. At Templin, she naturally wore the uniform that had accompanied her for sixteen years. At the bottom, black pants. At the top, a four-button, collarless, raspberry-colored tailored jacket from his impressive collection. Had this been produced by Bettina Schoenbach or by Anna von Griesheim, the only two designers to have dressed the German leader during her tenure? This is the only question, without much interest, which arose about Merkel’s style that day.

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Non-conforming copy

At the time of the assessment and since a little perspective is essential, let us welcome all the same here the contribution of Angela Merkel to fashion. Without taste for the subject but by the magic of a perfectly thought out uniform, the chancellor managed to impose her style and her colors, while transforming the sartorial question into an absolute non-subject. Which is not given to everyone. Evidenced by the allure of Karina Dörk, the prefect of the Land, obviously inspired by that of the chef, but who does not have the rigor of her model.

Sinful brown

Since we are talking about inaccuracies, let’s take a look at the mayor of Templin. At his feet, a pair of light brown derby shoes that force us to remember that, if the rule “No brown in town” is somewhat outdated, there are still some good and bad ways to wear this color in the city. In this case, it is bad. Such shoes are indeed too casual for a navy short wool suit. He called, in order of preference, a pair of black or brown oxfords or black derby shoes.

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Town planning

Let’s end with a question: do you know the origin of the ritual of laying the first stone? No ? The custom dates back to the end of the Xe century. At the time, the ceremony took place mainly during the construction of religious buildings. On this occasion, a signed parchment was slipped into a glass tube which was then sealed in a granite stele. This ensured that the elements relating to the construction of the building were passed on to future generations. Maybe an idea for Merkel when it comes to passing the torch.

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