NS Prime Minister Tells People Who Protested at a Public Health Doctor’s Home to ‘Grow Up’ – Halifax | The Canadian News

Nova Scotia’s progressive conservative prime minister has asked people who protested vaccination testing policies outside the home of the province’s chief medical officer to consider acting more like adults.

Tim Houston released a video message on social media Friday night about the small protest outside Dr. Robert Strang’s home in Halifax earlier that day.

Houston says he would encourage those who carried out the protests to “grow up and think of others,” and that there is no hard enough language to describe how upset he is with the actions.

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The prime minister added that he believes in the right to free speech and protest, but places like the legislature or his office in downtown Halifax are places for demonstrations rather than the private homes of public officials.

The newly elected government has announced that beginning October 4, residents who wish to participate in non-essential activities, such as going to restaurants, theaters, or gyms, must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The prime minister also criticized demonstrations outside hospitals over the past week, referring to the protest outside Strang’s residence as “a new low”.

“There is no language harsh enough to condemn these actions,” he said.

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“You can choose to express your dissatisfaction with the government’s decisions. That is your right. But going to the private residence of the man who gives public health advice to the government is completely unacceptable. “

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“Dr. Strang deserves not to be harassed, yelled at or scared to be in his own home. His family and neighbors deserve the same.”

RCMP has said they were at the protest site, but there was no trespassing or violation of traffic rules by the small group that attended.

This Canadian Press report was first published on September 18, 2021.

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