AMLO: Mexico analyzes legal channels for subsidies to electric cars in the US

Mexico does not rule out resorting to an international panel, within the framework of the North American trade agreement (T-MEC), against the tax incentives of the United States for manufacturers of electric cars in that country that would affect the local automotive industry, the president said Tuesday morning. Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

A proposed $ 12,500 electric vehicle tax credit, which the US Congress is reviewing and would include $ 4,500 for cars made in the United States by unionized workers, effective 2027, was qualified as “discriminatory” by the Secretary of Economy.

When asked about the incentive, López Obrador reiterated that his government does not agree, since it is a subsidy that is contrary to the trade agreement T-MEC and worries the Mexican automotive industry.

“Procedures are already being carried out so that this subsidy is not applied and the possibility of filing an appeal as established in the treaty is not ruled out so that this demand is addressed in an international panel,” said AMLO, adding that “there is coincidence.” with Canada, without giving further details.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin trudeau It proposed Monday to align its tax policy on electric vehicles with that of the US government, to resolve the dispute over tax credits for the manufacture of these cars.

Unlike the Mexican head of Economy, Tatiana clouthier, who threatened possible tariff retaliation against products made in the United States if the legal proposal is approved, the president was more inclined to other mechanisms.

“I do not like to talk about tariff actions on our part because there are legal mechanisms that we are going to resort to in the event that this measure is carried out, and the truth is that there is a very good relationship with the United States government and we can get there to an agreement, “said López Obrador from National Palace.

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