Amazon doubled its benefit in the 2021 quarter; announcement that the EU Prime price will be lowered

Amazon Duplicate has 14,300 million dollars in net profit in the quarter of 2021 surpassing the markets in question due to the increase in the price of working man and the difficulties of reduction and entry.

The online trading giant recorded a volume of transactions of 137,400 million dollars according to the forecasts, following its quarterly results report revealed by its market maker.

Amazon’s net gain is being favored more widely by a return of the inversion thanks to its actions on the Rivian car maker, which debuted in November.

Amazon also announced this game that it is subject to the price of its Prime Subscriptions, in order to compensate the mayors for the costs of the salary and the salaries, it is better than the expectations of the bankers in the final quarter of this year.

Minority shares on the Internet are subject to a 12% increase in the latter’s operations in the marketplace, while this has been a case of 8% in the regular session due to the prospective doubts of the Facebook owner, Meta Platforms Inc.

The benefits of Amazon includes a tax credit of 11,800 million dollars for its participation in the manufacturer of electric cars Rivian Automotive.

Through its extraordinary acquisitions in view of the cases from the case during the pandemic, Amazon has invested money in its operations to manage the costs of the cash register, and, in addition, has paid prime time to attract hundreds of miles of workers in an adjusted labor market.

The annual quotes of the registered subscribers for the last time have four years, from 99 to 119 dollars, and four years ago, from 79 dollars.

Analysts have said that it would take time for them to cover the cost of the company.

The monthly rate of Prime in the United States will increase from 12.99 dollars to 14.99 dollars, and the annual rate of 119 dollars to 139 dollars, with effect from the 18th of February for new members.

With over 200 million members worldwide, Prime is an incentive for consumers to take a majority of their purchases on Amazon, a way that can maximize their subscriptions. The only quarters in the quarter quarter created a 15% to 8,100 million dollars.

Aun asi, Amazon is forecasting sales for the first quarter due to the estimates of Wall street, projecting between 112,000 million and 117,000 million dollars, a crime between 3% and 8 per cent.

The net profit of the quarter quarter, the most active of the year for Amazon, increased to 14,320 million dollars, the 27.75 dollars per share, of the 7,220 million dollars, or 14.09 dollars per share, of the previous year.


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