BMV y Biva caen tras cuatro jornadas consecutivas de avance

La Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) will close the negotiations of these juveniles with a lost property. The second-hand stock exchange is being held in conjunction with several journals, in line with the schedule of its United States partners, where the market is priced at the Meta Platforms shares.

The reference index S & P / BMV IPC, composed of the shares of the 35 most valued issuers for capitalization and liquidity in Mexico, has a turnover of -1.71 to a level of 51,145.11 points. The index FTSE BIVAde la Bolsa Institucional de Valores (Biva), retreated -1.60% and closed at the level of 1,056.81 points.


In the interior of the index of reference, the majority of components terminate the earth in negative terrain, with 26 red and new values ​​in green. The papers that cover the fleeing chains of the Carso Group, with -5.47%; FEMSA; con -4.09%; Volaris, with -3.94%, and industrial Alfa, with -3.82 per cent.

In its series of four consecutive sessions with advances, from a record of 50,466.02 points, the S & P / BMV IPC accumulated has a gain of 3.10 per cent. Ahora se ubica a 1.35% de ese nivel.

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