Aguilar on shoulders in the first novillada of Reopening in La México

The lack of transmission and weakness of the steers of San Diego de los Padres that were fought in substitution of those of Jaral de Peñas it was replaced with the surrender, will and attitude of the alternating third. Miguel Aguilar placeholder image was the winner by cutting off an ear from each of his enemies while Eduardo Neyra and Alexander Adame they risked their lives to get an appendix each.

In front of some 8,000 attendees, Aguilar opened the square, who received “Chilo”, who had some quality but ended up standing, lanced the veronica, led the horse for chicuelinas and made a remove for gaoneras; good punch in which the Guanajuato exemplar used himself thoroughly to then continue his work as a crutch with passes on both sides, low hand and some ornaments such as dosantines and a series of flats that were highly chanted, he finished with an accurate entire thrust and in a good place to receive the first ear of the afternoon.

With his second, quarter of the afternoon called “Chicote”, Miguel suffered fatigue due to the disability of his enemy and it had to be until the third third when he fought on his knees very tight, standing slowly and achieved high quality passes, a superb trench coat, slow dosantines and some fennel flats in which he was caught without any consequences to regret. He ended with a thump that earned him the majority request of the public for his second appendix and the well-known departure on his shoulders at the end of the celebration.

For his part, Eduardo Neyra from Durango faced “Chicharito” first, with whom he was varied with the calico and tenacious with the crutch, but the lack of strength and grimness of his enemy only allowed him some quality passes that paid off in the palms of the public that after a good lunge of good effects he was applauded.

Before the fifth in the afternoon, called “Shorty”, Neyra received on his knees in the media with three long changes to then show variety in the sets and, already with the crutch, he fought with a lot of attitude, risking his life both in ornaments and in the passes on both sides, kneeling and standing to finish his work with a great lunge that provoked the majority request of the fans and granted him an ear.

As for the youngest of the Adame, Alejandro, he started before “Chaco”, another poised specimen from which, based on getting closer, he extracted passes where there seemed to be no and then left half a lunge and finished with the first blow of pithing and with it receive palms after a notice.

With whom he closed his place, named “Chamaco”, he lanced varied and suffered a strong squeeze in his crutch task after risking his life, they took him to the medical service but he got rid of the assistances, he returned before the face of his enemy and He ended with a batch of tight right hands and a blow that after a confusion between the bailiffs and the judge of the square, earned him a well-deserved ear.

In this bull they saluted in the third, the banderillero Victor Mora after two pairs in which he compromised a lot and the picador Omar morales after a big punch.

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