Aeroméxico ya salió. Y Aeromar … When?

With a telenovela finale, Aeroméxico will close the agreements with the New York Courts to approve Shelley Chapman’s plans to negotiate and close Chapter 11 of the Ley de Quiebras de los Estados Unidos. This means that the company has guaranteed recourse to 4,200 million dollars and a plan of negotiations that includes union agreements to reduce costs that the permit holder has until 2026.

Of course, the process is not easy. Hecho, in various opportunities are at the point of falling short of failing to agree with the creditors or well-being of some interested parties in obtaining more privileges from those they have. Including, at the very moment, when 99% of the accredited habían llegado a un accord, hubo un intento del fond Invictus, de frustrar la salida del Capítulo 11 de la aerolínea del Caballero Águila.

The arguments made in the majority of cases make the terms in which some of the inversionists of the company pudieron accede to the actions in the new conformation of the airline, especially the control group that has to deal with Mexican people to compile Ley. Hecho, aun no se sabe si la empresa sera deslistada o no de la BMV para terminar de cuadrar la nueva conformación accionaria, o bien, solo habr un unconambio de acciones, ya que practically diluyo la antigua conformación y ahora están 1,000 a uno .

But it’s interesting to come in terms of actions in the future, it’s the airline in the middle of a complicated scenario for Mexican aviation. Category 2 that the Federal Aviation Organization of the United States (FAA) imposes on our country limits the Aeroméxico options in this market which is the most important for Mexican airlines. Because it is important that Delta bequeaths an important percentage, even less so than that.

The other point is that if the company can have more flexibility to plant the rest of its routes in the future and if it is necessary to make structural changes and new alliances or decide to oblige the authorities a testimonial flight from AIFA to any part of it including South America.

But there is a difficult panorama is Aeromar. Endeudada y con miles of problems, his director, Danilo Correa, has hecho efforts to generate a plan of negotiations that the best salidas, but does not appear to be sufficient. The structure of its routes and the costs of operation without the permit allowed to make a donation to its debtor.

The federal governor is high on the issue of dejarla caer or intervening in order for the concession not to be pierced and its passives to be capitalized, all with the same caer in the same mission as the Mexican supremacy in 2010. The option of the Capital workers in their view are not impossible and that will meet at the AIFA airport at the AIFA could be its only salvage with a realistic plan of negotiations, but this alternative would require very finer.

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