The Moroccan drones have protagonism in the Western Sahara

  • In the last year, 25 militaries of the Front Police and 11 civilians were killed, the majority in attacks by planes on triples, in the war on Spanish excolonia, according to figures from the Sahrawi independentists

Loose Moroccan drones he was transformed into the new protagonists in the middle of nowhere Marruecos y el Front Police en el Western Sahara. Since the rupture of the highway in November 2020, 25 Sahrawi militaries have been killed, according to the PERIODIC Ministry of Defense of the Arab Saharan Republic in Tindouf (Argelia), the mayor for drone strikes in Ejército marro. Following the same fate, he also killed 11 civilians in the last year. A number that never confirmed the Moroccan Gobierno.

One of the last attacks with a triple airplane will take place on the 16th of January. Murieron will be the Military of the Police and the result will be hereditary. The media in Marruecos are also eco-friendly and have a Moroccan military source quoted by the diary Yabiladi the combatants “are preparing a attack against a position of the Real Army Forces near the wall of security at the height of the Mahbes locality “.

“The difference between the war of the 80s, the factor that marks the actual war is the use of drones by Marruecos”, explains a source close to the Police. También defends that since the rupture of the alto in the fugue and the declaration of war by the Police, “the host operations is producing diarrhea a lo largo del muro moroquí, especialmente en la zona norte, en Mahbes “, relata la misma fuente.

Mayor repercussion

One of the episodes that provoked the most repercussions on the death of Adaj el Bendir, jefe of the National Guard of the Police Front in April of this year passed. According to an official statement from the Sahrawi organization, the high-altitude military cargo was abducted during an airstrike when it was found. in the north of the ancient Spanish colony of Spain, a zone controlled by the Police.

Second information of the Moroccan medium The Desk, Adaj el Bendir murió en una “mision combinada llevada a cabo por un avion no tripulado Harfang, of Israeli design, which aims at the target with a laser telemetry and allows a combat aircraft of the Royal Air Force (RAF) execute the attack of largo alcance with one of the various missiles from the airspace “.

“The modernization that is being produced in the Marquis’s Emergency allows them to have very superior technological capabilities in the field of any other force in the zone, especially in the case of ultimate generation drones”, relates Diego Crescente, Director of the Institute of Security and Culture in Spain. The expert relates that “this is the most important aspect in the military context in the Western Sahara “.

For Crescente this territory is an “idonic scenario for the use of the main characteristics of military drones: the exploration and neutralization of insurgent elements “. Además, notes that “the launch of an air force capable of disputing in Marruecos the dominion of the airspace, allows the drones to explode to all its capabilities”.

The propaganda war

According to this expert, Marrueco’s latest acquisition of its six-seater ‘Bayraktar TB2’ drones is being conducted by Turkey. “Drones are treated with MALE capabilities that allow them to make flights to the media and high altitude”, explains. Además, relates that these are different models of airplanes not triple “will be added to the public arena during the 2020 conflict Alto Karabaj, donde se demostraron very effective against defense systems and tactical objectives of great value “.

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This conflict has been converted to all in a war over the relationship. Currently there are no independent sources about the land that can be contrasted with the official information that lanzan both parties

This propaganda war has evidenced the opposite of communicative strategies. From the refugee camps of Tindouf (Argelia), where they are based at the Polisario, they intend to make the most of everything that succeeds in the Western Sahara and have a “war” diary. In Rabat, su actitud is it to make the least ruined about what succeeds in “the provinces of the south”, as Marruecos denominated the ancient Spanish colony. Rabat has always avoided the “conflict” phrase and has not confirmed that it is combating.

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