A testamentary key is made if commissions are paid in the ‘Bombers case’

The testamentary clave in the case of superstitious malpractice en los Bombers of the Generalitat and that is abogada de la Interior Council has insured this Monday the juice that discount is 2% that appears in a documentation regarding the contracting of a vehicle repair service of the body was an illegal commission. The picks are now ready to be notified if there is no duplication of invoice (that is, for a different service is intended to cover three or three weeks) and if the debts that are realized in 2019 are effective in the 2020 ownership. he wanted to quote and declare as taxpayers a seat of Bombers, between them the director of the corps, Manel Pardo, to his successor, Joan Delort, is responsible in Catalonia for the contracting company.

At the moment, the jueza has hosted the interrogators with the testigos. One of them is the lawyer of the Interior Council who dispatched the case. Pardo used in an encounter with the letter an imprinted document in which with an annotated boligraph “+ 2% & rdquor ;, while deciding in vos alta:” These are the bills more than 2 per cent & rdquor ;. The officer asked for explanations on the cargo that he replied:

The letter replies that it hopes that what it says will not do what it suspects and the advice that translates all the way to its superior, the head of the Interior Assessment Office, Francesc Claverol, that this Monday also declared as testimony. The letter hizo algo más: to approve a download of Pardo to hack with the document. Claverol raised the success of the then Consul of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, which gathered information reserved for the Secretary General, Elisabet Abad. The lawyers who declared before the magistrate how he succeeded the heirs, although he was asked the Interior letter about the 2%, this contest that he did not know was significant and that, for that matter, he could not stand that fueran commissions.

Extraordinary Reconciliation

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In the midst of this judicial process is the company Iturri which has been collecting since 2014 the revision of the Bombers of the Generalitat vehicles. Following the consultations, the annual presuppositions for this service are expected to be finalized this year and will be referred to as the “Credit Extraordinary Reconciliation”, which was approved by the Catalan Government. As of 2021, since the Secretary General of the Interior Council has resigned, following this procedure, there is not a single figure that can be used in public contracts.

Under the same conditions of the contract, it has been possible to approve THE PERIOD, apart from 9.5% interest rates if management is produced. Evidence of the defense of the taxpayer is the famous 2% that appears in the documents, precisely, in their additional charges to the billing. The juez has opened the investigation into the alleged delinquencies of public funds, fraud and deception in the contraction. The taxpayers will be released on February 18th.


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