A man arrested in Alicante for abuse and sexual provocation of a 10-year-old girl

Agents of the National Police have arrested a 65-year-old man for the crimes of sexual abuse of a minor under 10 years of age (childgrooming) and sexual provocation, after having maintained through a well-known social network conversations of sexual content with the girl and having sent her photos of her genitals, even getting her to send him photos of her.

The investigation began in May, as a result of a complaint received at the Badajoz National Police Station, where the mother of a girl under the age of 10, reported that she had discovered that her daughter had maintained contact with a adult man through a messaging exchange app, specifically, conversations with a high sexual tone. In addition, the mother of the minor, found out that this man sent her photos and videos of his penis and managed, after repeatedly requesting it, that the minor also send him photos and videos of her genitals.

Thus, an investigation was launched into finding out the author identity of such messages, managing to determine through the investigations carried out, that it was a male resident in the Alicante town of Sant Joan d’Alacant.

That is why a surveillance device was established around the home of the investigated, which culminated in his arrest as the alleged perpetrator of the events, and the entry and search procedure was carried out at his home, where he intervened. computer material containing files of sexual content of minors.

The detainee, of Spanish nationality, 65 years of age and with no prior antecedents, was placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of the Guard of the same locality, decreeing his admission to prison, continuing the efforts by the investigating unit in order to check if there were more victims.

Punishable preparatory acts on sexual abuse, known as “Childgrooming”, a crime that spreads through social networks

The latest reform of the Penal Code, in order to protect minors, introduced the classification of behaviors carried out by unknown adults by minors who, behind the screen of their computers, using false profiles, mask their true identity, to gain sexual access to the minor or obtain pornographic material from the minor, showing themselves as if they were minors.

In this way, on many occasions, after gaining the trust of minors and obtaining the enough sensitive material of the same, coerces and pressures the minor to continue carrying out these behaviors under the threat of spreading it.

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On some occasions, they even take advantage of this trust that the minor has gained to commit sexual abuse on the minor Taking advantage of the situation and its vulnerability, however, this new reform of the penal code introduced as a crime the mere preparatory acts mentioned, referring to any type of communication established with a minor of sexual content, be it a conversation, or a exchanging files, or with the intention of establishing a personal appointment pretending to be the same age as the minor.

For this reason, the National Police recommends that all parents monitor the use of social networks by minors and train them so that they can make responsible use of information technologies (ICTs). If you have any suspicions, call 091 or report the fact to any of the National Police units.


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