A father denounced the Mallorca Mathematics teacher when he suspected that he had relations with his daughter

A father reported to the National Police a professor of Mathematics at Colegio La Salle de Palma before the suspicions that his 14-year-old daughter had had sex with him. The school center He rescinded the teacher’s contract, in a trial period, last April after a student told her tutor about the alleged touching she had suffered. After summoning the mother and the student, this decision was made. The investigation of the agents of the Family and Women Unit (Ufam) of the National Police determined that this 23-year-old young man, of Spanish nationality, had had sexual relations with some of his students from this center. He was arrested along with two other young women, a 19-year-old Bolivian and a 23-year-old Colombian, after allegedly having sex with other teenage students. A fourth has been investigated for their alleged participation in the events.

This young mathematics teacher made a brief replacement at the school last year. As a result of this work, On February 18, he was rehired on a probationary period. Apparently their behavior in the classrooms was characterized by “invade personal space”. Last April, a student commented to her tutor that the teacher touched her when taking her to the blackboard. Although he did not clearly specify how they were the same. After summoning the mother and the student, a few days later the teacher’s contract was not renewed. On April 23, his employment relationship ended. As it was in the probationary period, the reason for the termination of the contract did not have to be explained.

Following this termination, a father of a student contacted the school management and expressed concern that his 14-year-old daughter might be bullied on social media. The parent She reported to the Police the former mathematics teacher of the La Salle school on suspicion that the minor could have sexual relations with the teacher.

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According to Ufam research, the former mathematics professor had maintained a fluent communication via WhatsApp and social networks with one of her former students. This resulted in sexual intercourse with a minor under 14 years of age. Too Three of his friends reportedly participated in encounters with other adolescent students. These alleged sexual abuse would have lasted since he left the center until a few weeks ago, when he was arrested.

Sexual relations with these adolescent students, according to police investigations, lasted for months at the home of the math teacher. His friends would have participated during this time in these encounters with the girls. Fruit of the research, three of these young people have been arrested for alleged sexual abuse of minors under 16 and a fourth remains under investigation for the same reason.


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