A Christmas meal for health workers in a Malaga hospital already leaves 68 infected with covid

The Public Health Directorate has notified a coronavirus outbreak among professionals from the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Regional de Málaga who went a few days ago to a Christmas meal in a local Teatinos, which has already settled with 68 positive cases, as La Opinion de Málaga, a newspaper that belongs to the same group as this newspaper, has learned, although the hospital affirms that there are only 22 confirmed cases.

Most professionals are asymptomatic and only some have a mild catarrhal picture thanks to the fact that all of them are vaccinated, even with the third booster dose, following the guidelines of the Andalusian health authorities.

The outbreak was detected after carrying out the various tests on the health workers, who are keeping their mandatory quarantine as established in the protocol.

Christmas celebration

According to various sources, more than 170 people from this service attended the Christmas celebration that in total make up between 250 and 300 professionals.

All positive cases must remain isolated for ten days and They should not return to their work stations until they obtain a new negative PCR result.

This situation and the fact that the outbreak was detected during the Constitution Bridge It has forced the dispatch of emergency personnel to cover the losses of ICU personnel, according to the union delegate of UGT in the Regional Hospital Carlos Good, a fact that the hospital denies but does not rule out that it occurs “when necessary.”

“This is common when unforeseen events like this happen and above in the middle of a bridge where a good part of the staff has gone on vacation. During this pandemic, health professionals have given 200% and have covered each other as many times as necessary without the slightest complaint and they will continue to do so “, explains Carlos Bueno.

it is unknown if it is omicron

Although there is still no notification that any of these cases respond to the new Omicron variant, “the fact that an outbreak has arisen around a Christmas celebration carried out by health workers should make us reflect on the convenience of doing this type of celebration. Although I know that those attending the celebration took action, the virus is still there and you should not lower your guard “, explains the union delegate of UGT in the Regional Hospital.

“You need to keep your distance, It is essential to use the mask indoors and it should be used in outdoor spaces where there is an agglomeration of people. More and more people without a mask are seen in open spaces, such as at the doors of schools or to see the street lights Larios, in situations where people are very close together, which favors the transmission of the virus, “insists Carlos Bueno.

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The fact that a large part of the population is vaccinated is favoring that the effects of the virus are mild, contrary to what is happening in other European countries at the moment. “In the Regional ICU right now we have seven Covid patients and in the hospitalization floors there are 14 people admitted for the virus thanks to the vaccine but we cannot lower our guard because the virus is still there and does not stop before anyone,” explains the trade unionist who affirms that “health professionals should not be criminalized because the same thing can happen to anyone. What you have to do is take measures so that it does not happen again “, he claims.


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