The head of the Contentious-Administrative Court number 1 of Ceuta has issued this Monday late in the afternoon an order by virtue of which it orders “to suspend” the repatriation of nine Moroccan minors who are migrants alone.

The beneficiaries of the resolution are part of the group of twelve on whose behalf the Coordinating Association of Neighborhoods for the Monitoring of Minors and Young People and the Raices Foundation filed a demand for urgent precautionary measures in that regard.

The car, the full content of which has been accessed Europa Press, remember that “Spanish legislation only allows the return of adults who are illegally in our country, without the processing of the corresponding administrative file, in the case of foreigners who have already been expelled and contravene the prohibition of entry into Spain already those who intend to enter the country illegally. “

From his point of view, this is a situation “that obviously does not concur in the present case, since” our legal system requires for the repatriation of unaccompanied foreign minors the initiation of an administrative file, in which data must be included. as essential as those relating to filiation and the social and family circumstances of their environment in the country of origin “.

He remarks that “neither has the administrative procedure been processed, complying with the aforementioned mandatory procedures, nor does it have an express resolution on said issue with respect to each of the minors required in our legislation.”

According to the judge, said omission has prevented “all the interested parties” from knowing “the grounds that justify the de facto decision adopted” by the Ministry of the Interior and the Government of Ceuta without the support of the Prosecutor’s Office or the local Minors’ Area. .

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