Friday, December 3

STUNAM negotiates salary and STRM its contract and maintains a strike notice

While the Union of Workers of the Autonomous University of Mexico (STUNAM) will submit to a personal, free, direct and secret vote the proposal for a 3.5% increase in salary, in addition to maintaining the salary recovery program and continuing with a dignified retirement; the Union of Telephone Operators of the Mexican Republic (STRM) presented a new extension of its strike to the company Telefonos de México, whose main reason is the modification of the retirement clause.

This morning the UNAM presented the proposal to the union headed by Agustín Rodríguez Fuentes, in which they offer a 3.5% increase in salary; maintain the salary recovery program dating from 1996 and which includes aspects such as re-employment, a quality efficiency program, as well as maintaining a retirement program for those in a position to retire, offering six more months of their salary and a bonus.

The proposal will be presented to the General Strike Council to later submit it to the workers’ vote. It should be noted that the STUNAM, It is one of the trade union organizations that always submits to a vote the agreements of their revisions as now marked by the Federal Labor Law.

Strike at Telmex?

Meanwhile, the Telephone Operators Union once again granted an extension to the strike notice in order to reach an agreement with the company that would allow it to keep its collective bargaining agreement intact, especially with regard to the strike scheme. retirements.

“The attitude of closure remains on the part of Telmex executives, who state that the only way to solve the company’s compromised economic situation is by reducing or eliminating the labor rights of future telephone operators,” says the circular that was issued to the workers.

In this sense, they reiterated the rejection of Telmex’s proposal in relation to the supplementary retirement scheme for the telephone operators future income, since it would imply the extinction of the pension fund and the reduction of the benefits contained in the CCT.

Likewise, the Assembly agreed to give scope for the working document arising from the negotiation table presented by the STPS; Therefore, in order to comply with the previous actions, counteract the Company’s immovable position and redirect the negotiation process seeking that the labor authorities manage to influence an agreement to solve the problem, establish a short extension expiring on Thursday, November 4. .

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