Saturday, July 24

Spain has a bitter Olympic Games debut: draw against very violent Egypt

Spain It comes from his last Olympic football experience which was a real nightmare and this has started in a similar way. Zero draw of the national team Luis de la Fuente who dominated, but did not reach the African goal clearly. The meeting was marked by the ugly entrances and the violent game proposed by the team of the Nile that injured Óscar Mingueza already Dani ceballos, in this case of gravity. [Egipto 0-0 España: Narración y estadísticas]

Until the 85th minute, the national team had only come out clearly on two occasions. First it was with a launch of Dani ceballos from the front in the first part that hit the stick. The second time would come with the entry of Rafa Mir to field. The forward of the Wolverhampton gave packaging to the Spanish attack and a good center of Miranda it would end up in his head. Too bad the auction came out very centered.

In any case, Spain played at a too slow pace, especially when in front there was a locked rival and with a clear intention to keep the whole game in this way. The thicket was completed with unsuccessful passes in the opposite field. It took a lot to generate De la Fuente’s box, with the three attack men quite missing when it came to overflowing, the only way it seemed that damage could be done to this physical and rocky team.

Egypt came out without question in every clash; if someone fell, it was the Spanish. Thus they were depleting an Olympic team that may have been left without a player and a half, because Mingueza did seem recoverable. This Selection will dominate in all the games, they will give it control of the game, but it will take a drop of verticality, like the one seen in the last minutes a bit desperately. A lot of patience and thinking about Australia.


Much was being said in the preview of the tournament on the physical condition of the National Team players. It is evident that it has been a very long season, almost linked to the previous one. In addition, Spain has up to six players who have been in the last month playing the Eurocup. But none of the men that called Luis Enrique it would set off the alarms during the match against Egypt that turned into a martyrdom with physical problems.

Mingueza would be the first to fall after suffering a muscle problem in one of his thighs in an action in which he stretched to reach the ball. Before he had received a strong foul that also made him spend a while on the lying field. He received medical attention and still decided to return. Not even 10 minutes into the game had passed, so he was confident of recovering. Finally, it had to be replaced by Jesus Vallejo, who took the captaincy and also became a right back.

Then there would be a very ugly entry about Dani Ceballos that could mean his goodbye to the tournament. Ther Mohamed He involuntarily stomped the Andalusian on his ankle, which probably caused a sprain. The one of Real Madrid left the field before the rest to leave his place to Jon Moncayola, which today was the first option for the midfield since Martín Zubimendi He had little worrisome discomfort in the run-up to the meeting.

In the second part they would not stop the blows. In the same play, Pedri gonzalez received another serious stomp, although in his case he was able to continue, and Mikel Oyarzabal He suffered a triple entry in the Egypt area that the referee reviewed but did not mean maximum penalty. The Real footballer would fall in the area after a tackle from Hegazi with both legs, another blow with the hip and another with the arm in the face. Another opportunity that was leaving for Spain.

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