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Mexican was imprisoned when he returned tired from his work: chronicle

  • Chronicle: Mexican was imprisoned when he returned tired from his work
  • Fortunately, his fate is different from what he could have had months ago
  • However, “your savior” now faces the first lawsuit in such a short time

After a long and exhausting day of work as a painter, the Mexican Wuenceslao Castro Tienda ended up in a cold cell in the Gwinnett prison (Georgia) and not necessarily for having committed a crime, well, at least not a serious one as is generally expected of a person who is arrested. Today I am telling you the story of how a Mexican fell prisoner when he was returning from his job.

Wuenceslao Castro made the mistake of accidentally hitting the back of another vehicle on his way home to the city of Suwanne. That was for a clear traffic violation known as’ driving too close ‘or’following too close‘in English, which typically carries a mere fine of just over $ 100.

Despite his pleas, they threw him out to the police and the Mexican was imprisoned

Wuenceslao Castro Store. Photo: Gwinnett Sheriff

After causing the accident and seeing that the damages were minor, Castro tried to negotiate with the other driver. He offered to take responsibility for the repair and thus prevent the thing from happening to adults, since he confessed that he did not have a valid driver’s license, but it was of no use to him. And the other driver decided that it was best to call 911 to report the event.

A few minutes later, Officer Gittens from the Gwinnett County Police Department arrived. The patrolman listened to the version of both drivers and Castro was arrested for driving without a license, since in Georgia that is considered a minor offense, so he had to sleep in jail, because the Mexican was imprisoned.

In the end it was not so bad for the Mexican who was imprisoned

Mexican was imprisoned
The patrolman didn’t think twice about arresting Castro for driving without a license. (Gwinnett Police)

The Mexican was detained in the detention center in that town, but a few hours later he was released after having paid around $ 800 bail for the two charges against him, so he was soon reunited with his family and, in fact, right now he is back in his daily work.

If Castro had been imprisoned about six months ago, he would not have had that privilege, because until December of last year in that prison there were permanently agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE)For the former bailiff, Butch Conway, as a good Republican, detested undocumented immigrants.

Everything changed for the better this year and the Mexican who was imprisoned is proof

Mexican was imprisoned
The situation in the Gwinnett jail has changed for immigrants since last January. (File / MH)

But in the recent elections, Conway came out, as they say, “with his tail between his legs,” because the man he wanted to leave in his post was embarrassed at the polls by losing by a wide margin in the competition against the African-American Democrat. Keybo Taylor.

Taylor took a position earlier this year and quickly gained the affection of our community, to the point that we all consider him a “friend of Latinos”. And it is that from the first day that he assumed his position as sheriff he removed ICE from its precinct and annulled all agreements with federal agencies to deliver and deport immigrants without papers.

Nothing can be perfect

Mexican was imprisoned
One of the first actions of the new sheriff was to run off all the ICE agents who were in his jail. PHOTO: Getty Images

Anyone would have believed that Taylor’s actions to protect a minority would win the applause of the whole world, but it was not like that, since his first detractors have already emerged. Today the local newspaper Gwinnett Daily Post published an extensive report revealing that the bailiff faces a multiple lawsuit for extortion.

According to journalistic reports, even the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has had to intervene to thoroughly investigate the allegations against the new official, as they are serious. Taylor is alleged to have annulled contracts he had with agencies that provide bail to detainees at his jail in retaliation for not supporting him in past elections.

There is even a video where they blame him

Mexican was imprisoned
Sheriff Keybo Taylor (Picture taken from his Facebook page)

Apparently these are not unfounded accusations, since the GBI decided that it should investigate after one of the accusing companies gave them a video in which Taylor is seen talking with one of his representatives, who clearly warned him that they should support him or else they would lose their concessions.

As expected, not all of them gave in, because due to their political differences, to which they have every right, they chose to support the other candidate who obviously lost. Their complaint is that, after taking office, Taylor kept his promise and retaliated against him, which they consider extortion.

Taylor legally has the power to remove them

Mexican was imprisoned
Sheriff Keybo Taylor (Picture taken from his Facebook page)

As a sheriff, Taylor has every right to appoint the agency that he deems most convenient, as well as to remove the one he likes, even if they have up to 30 years working with the county, as is the case of one of those who have sued. Without their approval and respective licenses, there are no external agencies that can provide bonds to detainees.

“During my campaign I promised that I would reform the criminal justice system in Gwinnett and I have the discretion to decide how to do it. The first thing I did was investigate the old surety companies and I decided to eliminate several of them for not meeting our standards, which is why they are now suing me. These accusations are part of a political game, “Taylor told the Gwinnett Daily Post.

A long legal battle awaits you

Record death accident Corvette Mexicali Mexico
The majority of Hispanics who are arrested daily in Georgia are for driving without a license. (File / MH)

While Taylor and his now opponents come to a conclusion in this legal battle that will surely be long, the good news is that at least good people like Mr. Castro and many others who are daily captured by the different Gwinnett police forces will follow. being released, which did not happen before.

The bad news is that having ICE completely removed has also harmed other people, as is the case with victims of more serious crimes. A couple of weeks ago I learned of the case of an abusive husband who savagely beat his wife and she denounced him. The police arrested him, but he was released a few hours later. His ex-wife had to move to another state to prevent him from finishing what he started. If Immigration had been there, this guy would still be in jail. It is the negative part of everything. Thank you for reading my chronicle of this Tuesday in MundoHispánico.

Chronicle: Hispanic will pay dearly for what he sold to gringa

Chronicle Hispano sold gringa.
Jason Carmona and Abigail Pearce. (Union County Sheriff)

A 40-year-old Hispanic and his 21-year-old girlfriend, They are behind bars accused of nothing more and nothing less than the murder of a woman. But contrary to what many would believe, this was not a cold-blooded crime or something premeditated, but despite this, the authorities plan to hit it with everything.

And it is that according to court records Jason Carmona and Abigail Pearce are the indirect cause of the death of 47-year-old Sheila Burton, who lived in Union County (North Carolina) until the end of last year when she lost her life after making a purchase from the accused.

It was not just any buying and selling

Chronicle Hispano sold gringa.
The victim was rushed but ultimately succumbed. (Union County Sheriff)

What Sheila bought from Jason and Abigail was not just anything, but heroin, one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs in the world, according to investigators in this case. The woman made the purchase from them because apparently she was addicted to this drug, but she had an overdose that her body was unable to resist.

On the night of October 20, 2020, rescuers responded to an emergency call reporting a woman who had just suffered cardiac arrest. Medical personnel arrived at the home in a matter of minutes and managed to recover the victim’s pulse, who was immediately transferred to the hospital.

He succumbed shortly after in the clinic

Chronicle Hispano sold gringa.

Unfortunately, the woman did not resist any longer and a few hours later in the hospital. After performing the autopsy, the authorities discovered the true cause of his death: an overdose of heroin, so they began to investigate to find who had supplied it.

Detectives with the Union County Sheriff’s Office took a good look at the narcotics and it didn’t take long to discover the provenance of the drug and quickly associated it with Jason and Abigail. Apparently, the person in charge of making this mixture was the man and his mistress, who put it in the hands of the final consumers. To learn more about the story, read this chronicle.

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