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Christian Estrosi leaves the Republicans party

And two. After Hubert Falco, the mayor of Toulon, Wednesday, May 5, Christian Estrosi slammed the door of the Les Républicains (LR) party on Thursday. “I’m leaving LR”, said the mayor of Nice in an interview with at Figaro, believing that he now has “The same status as Xavier Bertrand and Valérie Pécresse, without necessarily sharing the same analyzes”. And to specify: “They resigned before me, we do not oppose them with hatred. I ask for the same respect. “

The two city councilors from the south had been at the heart of a violent controversy on the right for several days. Members of their political family accused them of being at the origin of the attempted alliance between the LR lists of Renaud Muselier, candidate for his own re-election in the Provences-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region and La Republic on the move (LRM). “You have evil friends”, had launched Christian Jacob, the president of the party to Mr. Muselier during a stormy strategic committee Tuesday morning. A sentence that is decidedly not passed.

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“I had never suffered such violence in my party. Do you realize the words used towards me and towards Hubert Falco? “, confides the mayor of Nice to Figaro. “What is harmful is dreaming only of yourself. What is harmful is to regard anyone outside our walls as an enemy! What is harmful is to come to terms with our enemies of the extreme right “, he specifies before accusing his former relative and today opponent within the right, Eric Ciotti, the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes of having “Negotiated to his advantage a secret agreement with the RN [Rassemblement national] during the last legislative elections ”. “Grotesque and ridiculous fable set up by the RN candidate for the municipal elections in Menton, which Mr. Estrosi and Mr. Muselier underhand supported”, responds the person concerned.

“Drift of a faction”

During this crisis, Christian Estrosi believes he has “All suffered” : “Personal questioning, insults, lies”. Fairly reassembled, He even sees the sign of the “Derives from a faction which seems to have taken the leadership of the party hostage”.

The deal with the walkers? Certainly not a political recomposition according to him, contrary to what the Prime Minister had declared, but rather a way of “Do everything to make our region win first against the RN”. “So I ask for a clarification. The Republicans must, from my point of view, make it clear that in all circumstances and in all elections, they will block the far right first and foremost. The in-between, and I dare say “at the same time”, on this question is intolerable because it insults our values ​​”, says Estrosi.

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