Saturday, April 17

Haiti | Several thousand demonstrators denounce a return to dictatorship

(Port-au-Prince) Several thousand people demonstrated Sunday in Port-au-Prince to denounce the inclinations of a new dictatorship that according to them the power in place in Haiti, and the support of the international community to President Jovenel Moses.

France Media Agency

Accusations of “attempted coup” brought by authorities last weekend have been met with skepticism by the opposition and civil society, which denounce political and illegal arrests.

Mr. Moïse maintains that his mandate at the head of the Caribbean country runs until February 7, 2022. But this date is denounced by part of the Haitian political class, according to whom the five-year mandate of Jovenel Moïse ended on February 7.

This disagreement of date is due to the fact that Mr. Moïse was elected in a ballot canceled for fraud, then re-elected a year later.

On February 5, the spokesperson for the US State Department declared that a new president-elect should “succeed President Jovenel Moïse at the end of his term of office on February 7, 2022”.

On Sunday, the demonstrators challenged the legitimacy of Jovenel Moïse’s maintenance in power as much as the support given to him by foreign countries.

“Despite all the kidnappings, the massacres in popular neighborhoods, the United States continues to support him. The money from the Petrocaribe fund has been squandered, we do not have good hospitals, and the United States continues to support this corrupt government, ”protested Sheila Pelicier, indignantly.

The demonstration was peaceful although altercations took place between some demonstrators and the police, who used tear gas and rubber projectiles.

Police officers also fired live ammunition in the air in Pétionville, an affluent town in the metropolitan area where a car was set on fire.

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