Monday, January 18

Pablo Echenique refuses to lower the VAT on electricity: “It hurts the State. Let the electricity companies pay”

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United we can rule out lowering the VAT on electricity so that the receipt is reduced in full price rise and in the middle of a cold wave in half of Spain. This has been defended by its spokesperson in the Congress, Pablo Echenique, that criticizes “the campañote” for lowering the VAT on electricity, something that would harm the State and it would benefit the electricity companies.

“Lowering the VAT does not cost a euro to the electricity companies. Of course, reduces state revenue, damaging health, education or dependency, “he wrote in a message on Twitter.

He considers that the solution is to implement the United We Can proposal, which consists of applying the reform of the electricity market based on the elimination of the so-called ‘benefits that have fallen from the sky’ so that the lower bill “is paid by the electricity they are being lined, and not public health “.

Reduce the fixed part of the bill, create a public energy company and end revolving doors They are also other proposals of the purple formation that are in the coalition agreement with the PSOE, which it demands that it comply with.

Pablo Echenique assures that there is “a campañote” so that the VAT on electricity is lowered and that this affects the bill, however, he rejects this option as “a right-wing proposal That protects the billion-dollar profits from power companies and it damages public services. “

Attack on Vicente Vallés

In this criticism, the leader of Unidas Podemos points out to the Antena 3 journalist, Vicente Valles, as the origin of a “such crude manipulation “of some statements by Pablo Iglesias on electricity taxes “which is very easy to dismantle” and in which he criticized the price of the electricity bill when his party was in opposition.

“Last night Vicente Vallés manipulated the words of Iglesias to attack the Government and Podemos and to protect the billion-dollar profits of the electricity companies,” he said on Twitter along with a video of that moment.

Of course Iglesias criticized the rise of light in opposition. And he also criticizes her now. And he makes proposals to lower it. The same ones he did then, “continues Echenique, who accuses Vallés of not explaining in the newscast what the United We Can proposals are.

And Echenique goes to more: “Vicente only tells you about his right-wing proposal. He has every right to do politics from television, but manipulating the words of the vice president of the Government in order to protect the electricity oligopoly is already a little uglier. And, above all, that don’t call it “information”, which is something else “.

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