Sunday, February 28

Between Yoka and Hammer, the fight starts at the weigh-in

Tony Yoka on the scales, with Christian Hammer at his side, wearing underpants (Celio brand?). – Loic VENANCE / AFP

  • After two months without a fight, Tony Yoka (28) returns to the ring this Friday (10:30 p.m.) at the H Arena in Nantes.
  • He faces the German-Romanian Christian Hammer (33) in the ninth fight of his campaign The conquest.
  • Thursday afternoon, 20 Minutes attended the weigh-in of the two boxers and the press conference.

The conquest, episode 9. Two months after his supersonic victory (K.-O. in one minute and 24 seconds) against Johann Duhaupas at La Défense, Tony Yoka (28 years old), 2016 Olympic champion, is already back on the rings for a fight in ten rounds which will take place at the H Arena in Nantes, behind closed doors, this Friday evening (10:30 p.m.). Facing him,
Christian Hammer, 33 years old, a German-Romanian boxer who has 25 wins (including 15 by KO). The two should have clashed a year ago, but the fight was postponed because Hammer was injured.

Thursday, after being made to wait for a little over an hour for the weigh-in and the press conference, Tony Yoka (18th world) arrived like a rock star in a big black sedan, he got out with his glasses sun bluish tint on the nose. A few seconds later, a mini-van with Estelle Mossely on board. The 2016 Olympic champion – married to Tony Yoka – takes on Bosnian Pasa Malagic during the night out at the H Arena. “There is the Yoka team and the Mossely team”, breaths, smiling, a close friend of the organization. 5.15 p.m .: Christian Hammer displays his 117.700 kg on the scale. The slightly clumsy boxer is escorted by a promoter who is at the same time photographer, translator and gallery entertainer. He even speaks for his colt when Hammer is asked what strategy he will adopt on Friday against Yoka: “You will see her tomorrow.” [vendredi] ! He laughs.

Hammer sees “fear in Yoka’s eyes”

At three meters, seated at the same desk, Tony Yoka (108.5 kg on the scale), who aims to conquer the world heavyweight title, plays tongue-in-cheek and sends a few uppercuts even before the fight. “Tony, Hammer’s nickname [traduction de marteau en anglais], it’s the hammer, what inspires you? », Launches a journalist in the assembly. “He still doesn’t have a big knockout ratio. to his credit, I don’t think he wears this nickname well… ”Silence then smiles in the room. Same atmosphere when Christian Hammer, however not talkative, launches shamelessly, but without fixing his opponent’s gaze: “What do I see in Tony Yoka’s eyes there now?” I see fear… ”Tony Yoka smirk.

In September 2019, during Yoka’s last fight in Nantes, the German Michael Wallisch fell to his knees after three times. Should we expect more adversity this time around? Tony Yoka, with a serious air: “He has sacred credentials. Hammer, it remains above the ranking level of Duhaupas [le Français concassé en septembre dernier]. He doesn’t come on tiptoes. I expect a tough fight, I have prepared myself accordingly. I never underestimate my opponents, now I hope he is ready! A last sentence launched without a glance at Hammer and his promoter.

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