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Suicide of gendarme Myriam Sakhri: the family requests the reopening of the investigation for harassment

The years go by and do nothing. Nine years after her death, the family of gendarme Myriam Sakhri is still seeking the truth. Three of her sisters filed, Wednesday, November 25, a request to reopen the judicial information concerning the suicide of the soldier, which occurred on September 24, 2011, in the Delfosse barracks, in Lyon.

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According to the conclusions of the investigation, made six months after her death, this 32-year-old non-commissioned officer shot herself in the chest in her official accommodation: a suicide for ” personal reasons “. Two words that do not pass for relatives. And not only because Myriam Sakhri left a note designating her direct superior, a colonel who has since become a brigadier general, written in these terms: “Thanks to G. the asshole !! “ But because they consider that the young woman was the subject of constant harassment by other soldiers, in the months preceding her death, in particular by being the victim of racist remarks, without the hierarchy intervening.

This thesis was already the object of a classification without continuation in 2012. But, according to the lawyers of the family, many elements appeared over the last three years require a resumption of the instruction, starting with the conditions under which that -It took place. “The examination of the file highlights serious deficiencies in the conduct of the investigation. The principles of impartiality and independence have been flouted, which is corroborated by new witness statements, indicating pressure suffered during the investigations ”, estimate Mes Vincent Brengarth and William Bourdon.

Heavy atmosphere

The Lyon prosecutor’s office therefore received, Wednesday, November 25, a series of certificates from former colleagues of Myriam Sakhri. Also in the file is the story of Zineb Harzallah, a friend of the family. This lawyer by training has immersed himself in the case in recent years and has conducted numerous interviews with gendarmes, which shed light on the young woman’s last months.

Myriam Sakhri has been working since June 2010 at the gendarmerie operations and intelligence center (CORG), which responds twenty-four hours a day to emergency calls from “17”. The young woman is not fulfilled, the atmosphere is heavy. “Besides the fact that the atmosphere is tense, I must also endure the racist reflections of certain staffshe wrote in comments she left on her computer. The words “bougnoule”, “boukak” and “youpin” are recurring terms. Staff allow themselves to hang up on public service users by asking them to call back when they have learned to speak French. “

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