Wednesday, December 1

Berlin’s new airport finally opens

It is in a particularly critical context that the new Berlin international airport has finally been able to open.

Its commissioning comes nine years late, as the airline industry faces the most serious crisis in its history, a consequence of the pandemic that has pinned planes to the ground for months.

A hundred demonstrators had the trip this Saturday, to proclaim their opposition to the newly opened infrastructure, of which they denounce the impact on the environment.

The day before, the director of the airport and the mayor of the German capital had unveiled an inscription in tribute to Willy Brandt. The place bears the name of the former chancellor, craftsman of a policy of openness, but this major project resulting from reunification has suffered serious damage, between poor workmanship, bankruptcies, and suspicions of corruption, among others.

Two Lufthansa and Easyjet aircraft, from nearby Berlin and Munich airports, landed on the tarmac during the inauguration

The first commercial flight, between Berlin and London, was scheduled for Sunday.

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