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Wednesday, December 2

Knitting, bingo and leprechaun hunting

After the summer, Régis Labeaume wants that collectively, “we knit a winter”: the City of Quebec is organizing a series of activities to combat the gloom of the confined cold season.

The mayor presented Friday a program of “forty comforting activities”.

“Funny, simple, crazy” gestures. “There are a lot of new things. I do not guarantee that we will succeed everything, but we are jumping in the water, launched the mayor of Quebec. It will do us good. Comfort is what we all seek. “

Comedians will call children to tell them stories. Seniors will be contacted to be told a little. Books will be delivered to single people and sweets to health personnel. The welcoming resorts will be more present in the territory.

Drawing competition

We will organize drawing contests for the little ones or knitting lessons for the older ones. Tales in pajamas will brighten up the days of children and parents.

The mayor will host a bingo on the radio. Outdoor photo exhibits, snow painting, and frozen castles will get people out.

The elf hunt will be open in the woods of the city. Cross-country and outdoor ski centers will be free and equipment will be loaned free of charge.

Sports enthusiasts can play frisbee or volleyball in the snow or do winter line dancing. The more peaceful will play pockets outside.

And to top it all off, there are hot chocolate stations all over town.

The city will be decorated more than usual for the holidays. The municipality adds a million dollars in additional decorations.

Public health

If activities are running at full capacity, they could return in future years.

The mayor warns: “We do not have all the answers” on the details of the organization. We must also wait for the green light from public health.

In this regard, Mr. Labeaume expects those in charge to make “a damn jump” when they see the list concocted.

“We’re going to disconcert them. But we will organize ourselves to make it work. “

The complete program of activities will be detailed on the City’s website.

A budget of more than $ 3.1 million has been allocated to carrying out heartwarming programming, of which $ 439,500 comes from the Cultural Development Agreement.

Of this amount, $ 1 million will be spent on decorations and $ 2.1 million on activities.

Parking meters

The mayor also sided with the request of the SDCs of Vieux-Québec, Faubourg, Montcalm and Maguire.

Parking meters will be free on these arteries on weekends in the coming days.

Other relaxations

  • Resumption of open swims from November 6
  • Free skating, multisport and free soccer sessions maintained and improved
  • Exceptionally authorized parking of motorized vehicles and trailers in the front yard, to help snowbirds who will not travel

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