VIDEO. Calls to boycott French products: - The Canadian
Thursday, November 26

VIDEO. Calls to boycott French products:

For economist Lysu Páez-Cortez, the economic consequences of a boycott of French products in several countries in the Middle East remain limited.

Threats from boycott of Turkey and several countries of the Middle East can they penalize the French economy? Adopted in response to l’intervention d’Emmanuel Macron on the cartoons of Muhammad, they would not at this stage have little chance of penalizing the French economy.

“It must be taken into account that France’s exports to the Near and Middle East zone only account for 3% of France’s total exports. Knowing that exports to European countries account for 60%”, indicates the economist Lysu Páez-Cortez, specialist in the Middle East and emerging markets.

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Be careful, however, not to let the boycott extend to other economic sectors. “If there is the transport that is eventually affected, just like the chemical industry or the pharmaceutical industry, there maybe the weight will be maybe a little bit heavier”, warns the ‘economist.

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