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Monday, November 30

STM servers still paralyzed by hackers

The hackers who attacked the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) are still active and STM servers attacked by ransomware more than a week ago are still paralyzed. The STM refuses to confirm the origin of the breakdown, but ensures that no ransom has been demanded.

Audrey Ruel-Manseau
Audrey Ruel-Manseau

“We did not actually receive any ransom demand and our policy is not to follow up on such requests,” said Amélie Régis, STM spokesperson, Tuesday evening, while the website was functional at a minimum. .


The STM refuses to confirm the type of virus used or its origin “to avoid harming the investigation”, yet it claimed last week to be the victim of a ransomware-type virus. The organization announced on October 19 that it was forced to reduce or modify its services, including paratransit services, due to a major outage, which also disrupted its various platforms, including the website and lines. telephone.

“The information technology teams are working to restore the systems one by one, the failure having affected, for example, some 1,000 of the STM’s 1,600 servers. Good news, 50% of the affected servers have been restored, ”the Company informed on Tuesday, specifying that the investigation was still ongoing and that external consultants with expertise in the field of cybersecurity were joining their efforts to those of the competent authorities in matter.

Despite the circumstances, the STM assured that employees would receive their “basic” pay, but they will have to wait for bonuses and overtime. Suppliers will also be paid, but “delays of a few days could occur in the payment of future accounts, due to this failure”, informed Regis.

A “computer patch” will once again allow users to purchase the monthly pass for the month of November from partner retailers, such as convenience stores, “no later than Wednesday morning”. The other titles were already available. In addition, all tickets can also be purchased on the STM network.

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