Saturday, October 24

Varosha at the heart of concerns

On Saturday, Greek Cypriots gathered near the buffer zone with the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to demand the return of the northern territories, claiming that Cyprus was “Greek”.

The demonstrators denounced in particular the interference of Turkey, Ankara having indeed given this month its support to the authorities of the Turkish part of the island to reopen access to the Cypriot-Greek seaside resort of Varosha which was annexed after the intervention of the Turkish army in 1974.

European leaders themselves condemned this Friday Ankara’s support for the decision of the authorities of the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to reopen access to the seaside resort.

In a call with his Cypriot counterpart Nikos Christodoulides, the head of American diplomacy Mike Pompeo also expressed his “deep concern” about this decision “provocative and contrary to UN Security Council resolutions”, according to the US State Department.

In 1984, the UN adopted a resolution, which went unheeded, demanding the transfer of the city to the United Nations and its repopulation by its original inhabitants.

The “Cypriot Saint-Tropez”

Initially nicknamed the “Cypriot Saint-Tropez” for its crystal-clear water and frenzied evenings, Varosha is falling into ruins under the desperate gaze of its former Greek-Cypriot inhabitants who had to flee south.

Turkey had already announced in September 2019 that it would bring Varosha back to life, but this project never materialized.

This Turkish announcement was seen as a provocation in the southern part of the island, Nicosia advocating either an outright restitution of Varosha or its administration by the UN, which monitors the buffer zone between the two parts of the island. .

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