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Efraín Cisneros went into a motel room, with a woman and her daughter and with the boyfriend of one of them, but upon entering the room they found a bloody scene

Photo: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Triple homicide: Efraín Cisneros, 37, is accused of having killed three people in cold blood in a motel room in Dallas, Texas.
  • Rachel Escamilla, Peggy Bailey and Michael Rivera are the victims of Cisneros and so far the authorities have not released the motive for the crime.
  • Cisneros faces three counts of capital murder, a crime punishable in Texas with the death penalty.

Efraín Cisneros was arrested in Dallas, Texas, charged with three cold-blooded shootings in a motel room.

Cisneros, 37, was detained by agents of the Homicide Division of the Dallas Police Department (DPD) in North Texas.

Efraín Cisneros faces three counts of capital murder and that according to the Texas State Penal Code it is the only crime punishable by death for anyone found guilty at trial.

The crimes that Efraín Cisneros is accused of have shaken the Hispanic community in Dallas because two of the three victims are Hispanic.

Cisneros, according to the DPD, killed 38-year-old Rachel Escamilla, 56-year-old Peggy Bailey, and 33-year-old Michael Rivera in a Super 7 motel room in the eastern Dallas metropolitan area.

The legal documents of the case reveal that the clue that led to the identification and arrest of the alleged killer were images of a black Ford Expedition truck in which he escaped from the crime scene.

In the arrest warrant against Efraín Cisneros, consulted by MundoHispánico, the details of the crime are revealed and that it still contains many questions for the authorities.

At 12:00 on Saturday, September 26, 2020, the manager of the Super 7 motel, 10335 Gardner Road, went to a room to check why some clients had not left the room.

When the manager opened the door, he found three people shot dead on the beds of the rooms.

Efraín Cisneros, 37, was arrested on charges of three cold-blooded homicides for a motive that is not yet known. (Photo: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office) Filed: Texas Motel Crime Efraín Cisneros

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