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Tuesday, November 24

In Bulgaria, the protests against the “mafia dictatorship” do not stop

Young students waving European flags, lawyers mobilized against corruption, mothers asking for more social assistance for their disabled children, an Orthodox priest breaking the ban with his Church, sometimes socialist or far-right activists …

Every evening for nearly three months, it is a similar scenario but never completely identical which reproduces itself on the “triangle of the power”, the crossroads thus named because it concentrates, in full heart of Sofia, the seat of the government. , the Bulgarian Presidency and Parliament. Several hundred people – even several thousand as expected on Friday, October 16, when the hundredth day of mobilization of this “great national uprising” will be organized – come to shout “Resignation, resignation” at the foot of these buildings, addressing the Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, and the all-powerful Attorney General Ivan Geshev.

“Mafia drift”

“At the moment, we live under the dictatorship of the mafia”, assures Arman Babykian, one of the three members of the “Toxic Trio”, the nickname of the organizing committee of the protests, which includes, in addition to this communicator, a prominent lawyer and a renowned sculptor. All are united in their visceral rejection of Mr. Borissov, a 61-year-old former firefighter and bodyguard who has governed right-wing Bulgaria almost continuously since 2009. “Some people have seized power and are stealing European funds to distribute them to their friends using the Attorney General”, denounces this activist of 53 years by coming back down from the stage mounted every night in a hurry. “We show people that you should not be afraid”, adds, at his side, lawyer Nikolai Hadjiguenov.

The protests were sparked this summer after two episodes that shed stark light on the scale of the problem in the country of 7 million people who is both the poorest and most corrupt in the European Union, according to the NGO Transparency International.

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On July 7, the chairman of the anti-corruption party Democratic Bulgaria, Hristo Ivanov, goes to a Black Sea beach illegally grabbed by an oligarch. He was brutally evacuated by elite police officers placed in the service of this oligarch in the most total opacity. Two days later, the offices of the president, Roumen Radev, are raided by the general prosecutor who accuses two of his advisers of influence peddling, a first in the history of Bulgaria.

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