$1.7 million to promote the integration of immigrants in Estrie

Quebec will pay $1.7 million to six community organizations in Estrie to facilitate the integration of immigrants in the region.

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With this funding, the government wishes to help organizations consolidate the roots of immigrants in the region and, at the same time, fill a crying need for manpower.

In particular, organizations will be called upon to promote immigration to rural areas and ensure that newcomers put down roots in their living environment. It is also a question of supporting them in their integration and their francization, in order to contribute to their entry into the labor market and thus make it possible to meet the current challenge of entrepreneurs.

Between 2015 and 2019, Estrie welcomed approximately 5,970 immigrants. Of this number, 1,736 were in the category of economic immigration.

The Manunor company in Sherbrooke has benefited greatly from the arrival of these foreign workers. More than half of the employees of the manufacturer of plastic parts by rotational molding process are of immigrant origin.

The company was even a finalist for the cultural diversity award.

At a time when the labor pool is shrinking in several regions of Quebec, including in Estrie, many companies will no doubt benefit from turning to this essential resource of foreign workers.



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