Your source is my cradle. The 3 albums, JF LaMothe

Michel Garneau leaves, and the following week, out of nowhere appears a box set which brings together the three albums of JF LaMothe. Point of comparison: it is quite simply to say that poetry has a decidedly hard life. Who has listened recently The small island, first 33 rpm of this discreet companion of the craft songwriter, published and noticeably disappeared in 1979? I got to know him late in life, Jeff, when Richard Séguin, Pierre Duchesne and Claire Pelletier offered him the setting of The sand rose : a marvel of affectionate confection. We also find in this box the welcome redesign of the album Strike the match : the sound of the 1980s was a foreign body for LaMothe, we did a good job in 2020 to rearrange that at the Piccolo studio. I would have taken a complementary disc, with the demos of her songs popularized by Fabienne Thibeault (Reluctance, c’est de lui) and some extracts from shows. But it is already a nice snub to oblivion.

Your source is my cradle. The 3 albums



JF LaMothe, Martin Leclerc Productions

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