‘Your face sounds like 9 to me’, gala 6 live: Lady Gaga and Teresa Rabal will be imitated

  • In addition, David Fernández will bring a friend to become Ojete Calor

The ninth edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’ tonight lives its sixth gala on Antena 3. On this occasion, Loles León will put himself in Teresa Rabal’s shoes while David Fernández will have to imitate Ojete Calor, with the opportunity to bring a friend.

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María Peláe has asked for “someone who moves less & rdquor ;, and the push button has been given to Gracia Montes. For her part, Nia Correia will play Tina Turner in an imitation that promises great emotions. Danna Paola will be Eva Soriano’s new challenge, while Los Morancos have received with surprise their next imitation: The Symbol. Finally, Agoney has been happy to see that J Balvin has appeared on the push button, but Rasel has stolen the character. In her second run, one of the great imitations of the next gala has come out and with which she is going to experience her first sex change: Lady Gaga.

We review live the moments of the sixth gala of ‘Your face sounds to me’ on Antena 3.


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