Young people attack the Waka nightclub in Sabadell in protest of racist incidents | Video

  • Dozens of people have gathered at the doors of the premises and have thrown all kinds of objects

A group of young people has wholesale at dawn this Sunday the Waka nightclub in Sabadell in protest of the racist incidents in which workers from this premises have been implicated. The last one, on November 1, when a person was attacked by the doormen of the nightclub.

In the images disseminated on social networks, dozens of young people gather in front of the disco and throw various objects, including traffic fences, and shake the doors of the venue. Young people have been summoned to the protest from social networks.

The Waka nightclub was the scene of a couple of racist incidents on La Castañada weekend. In a video broadcast on networks, at least two guards appeared punching and kicking a person lying on the ground.

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The nightclub has been the protagonist in recent years in various racist controversies to the point that the Generalitat considered denouncing it for preventing access to people because of their skin color.

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