Young Midhurst girl fundraising for Ukraine

A young girl from Midhurst has become the latest Canadian wanting to do her part to help those struggling in Ukraine amidst the ongoing war.

Twelve-year-old Emma Mitchell has never seen anything like what has been happening in Ukraine since Russia invaded the country late last month. The news coverage was jarring to her.

“I saw videos of the damage that the bombs have done to like cities and stuff that was big, and there was a whole bunch of people, and now it’s there’s like nobody,” Emma says. “You can see tanks rolling in and soldiers everywhere. [It’s] so scary, and I can’t imagine what they’re going through.”

Those scary pictures moved Emma to find a way to help. She had seen her mother de ella make artistic keychains and decided she could start making some de ella herself and donate the proceeds to those struggling overseas.

“I have ones that are a couple of other colours, but then we decided to do these ones to help with Ukraine,” young Emma says of the keychains, which are being made in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. “The blue means the wide sky, and the yellow means the wheat that grows in Ukraine, and we chose white because it symbolizes innocence.”

Since starting recently, Emma says she’s raised about $300, more than half of her $500 fundraising goal. While many children of her age may not be compelled to act in such a way, her father of her says she’s always been well beyond her years of her.

“I’m very proud,” says dad Brian. “I’m not overly surprised, but I’m very proud of her. She’s always had her finger on the pulse of current events. I’m proud of her, and I hope she keeps going.”

The keychains cost approximately $13. All funds raised will be directed towards the Canadian Red Cross’ efforts in Ukraine.

Anyone interested in supporting the fundraiser can click here.

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