YOU SAID IT: Ukraine ‘opportunity’

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Ukraine has become a photo op.

On Mother’s Day, First Lady Jill Biden made a “surprise” visit to Ukraine, followed by PM Trudeau.

Come on now, like these trips weren’t pre-planned? They just “dropped in” to say hello and see how things were going?

How about canceling the photo op and delivering massive amounts of 21st-century war materiel?

Ukraine has become a photo op to be exploited by crass politicians.



(Of course it’s planned. World leaders have a long history of not announcing in advance travel plans to war zones. And Trudeau had been criticized for not visiting Ukraine sooner. Seems like a case of “can’t win for trying.”)


Just another phoney photo op by Mr. Freeze, this time building up his massive air mile carbon points. Trudeau’s visit to the war-torn country of Ukraine will do absolutely nothing with regard to the dire situation there.

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This conflict could have ended long ago had the Americans wanted it to. Instead, they are shipping billions of dollars worth of armaments to purposely prolong the fighting, all the while enriching the military industrial complex. Canada has also foolishly sent arms to that country.

This situation could broaden into an all-out world conflict, this time involving nuclear weapons and the sending of our troops into battle. However, one can be sure that none of our government elites will have their own families involved.



(You would prefer to stand by and leave Ukraine defenseless against the incursion?)


A photo op for the PM and gang in Ukraine. The RCAF VIP aircraft should have been reconfigured as a freighter and stuffed with bombs and bullets for our dear friends in Ukraine. What a mess we are in.

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(What a mess, indeed.)


Good old Brian Lilley and Lorne Gunter. Despite editorializing about various pertinent issues, you can count on their making an isolated comment regarding something they apparently know nothing about — the damage to residents and businesses in the immediate area that the “Freedom Convoy” caused. It is precisely that which caused the PM to invoke the Emergencies Act, thereby removing these perpetrators from our city. The fact that they had hidden themselves in such close proximity to Parliament Hill and the War Memorial made this action logical and completely acceptable. One has to have lived in Ottawa at the time to understand this.

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(There are many debates to be had over how the whole mess was handled.)


Re: Supremely bad for US conservatives; Abortion ruling kills their cash cow, column, May 8

I would like to correct Warren Kinsella’s statement that the Supreme Court’s leaked opinion is one that would make abortion illegal again. Totally false. The decision would leave the abortion issue to be dealt with by state legislators. Obviously, his opinion of him directly attacks conservatives and fully displays his liberal bias of him to a great extent — comparing conservatives to dogs. How low can you get? Then he gets his jabs in against Poilievre and Lewis, implying that they would criminalize abortion again. What is wrong with being pro-life? Kinsella needs to do his research on him rather than continue misrepresenting facts and denigrating people he disagrees with.


(He is entitled to his opinion on the matter as you are to yours.)

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