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Re: Prime Minister Trudeau names agencies that will disburse $50 million to arts workers, online edition, May 2

Surely after the WE Charity debacle we need better controls over $50 million than having Justin Trudeau simply treating it as “chump change” that he is giving to his preferred agencies for distribution to their chosen beneficiaries.

As we have seen, Trudeau likes playing Santa when it comes to doling out millions for political purposes. Let’s not forget he gave $600 million to his preferred media outlets two elections ago, then topped that up with millions more last year.

Who can forget that Trudeau gave out billions in CERB payments with little due diligence, saying he would worry about fraud later. There can be no doubt tens of millions were in fact received fraudulently, but there has never been any attempt to investigate that we have been made aware of.

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Canada is in desperate financial shape and Trudeau needs to rein in his reckless spending addiction with a potential recession looming.



(Money makes the world go round, as they say.)


Former US president Ronald Reagan was very good at sharing jokes, especially with the press. I shared this very funny joke, and it goes (something) like this:

An American citizen and a Russian citizen are discussing freedoms both have in their own countries. The American citizen says, “In our country, we have so much freedom I can criticize my president right in front of the White House and nobody can say anything about it, and I will be fine.”

The Russian citizen says, “Ah! That is nothing. I can criticize the American president right in front of the Kremlin and nobody can say anything, and I will be fine.”

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So much for Monday’s World Press Freedom Day in Russia.



(Thanks for reading.)


As a high school student set to graduate, I am fearful of what next year holds for me because of the rise in prices. As a student, my focus should be on my post-secondary studies, but, with the rise in prices, I will have no choice but to get a part-time job so that I can be a full-time student.

Gone are the days when getting a summer job would be enough to pay for food costs, gas costs and rental costs. Our generation and even the millennials have to scrape together enough money to make ends meet. The previous generation seemed to cruise through life without these worries. What about us?


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(It’s only become more difficult to get ahead.)


Re “Mixing with unvaccinated increases risk” (The Canadian Press, April 26)

What surprising news! Research, which costs money and uses valuable medical professionals’ time, finds that vaccinated people are more at risk if they mix with unvaccinated folks than if they just stay with other protected individuals. Will the Canadian Medical Association Journal now focus on other surprising discoveries? It might look into whether it’s cold in winter, whether it’s dark at night or the effects that gunshots have on one’s well-being. I could use that research to dress appropriately in winter, turn on my headlights at night and avoid gunfights, just as I now know to avoid the unvaxxed.



(It seems they get the obvious captain award.)

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