Xiomara Castro takes over as the first president of Honduras; EU promises more strikes

La Izquierdista Xiomara Castro converts these jewels into the first presidency of Honduras, with a Gobierno facing challenges such as a very divided Congress, the increase of debt and relations with China.

Flanqueada por su esposo, el exmandatario Manuel Zelaya, and his heirs, Castro performed in a free stadium replayed football stadium, while his bailaban and gritabu players, in a position to assist the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. The first mandate of the Honduran mandarin amplitude is meanwhile the blue and white band is collocated on top of the pitch.

“The economic catastrophe that has not taken its toll on the history of the country,” Castro affirms in his inaugural discourse, denouncing that debt is multiplied by its predecessors. Explained that it is “practically impossible” to make the actual debt payments without a restructuring.

“My governing body will not continue the baggage of saqueos that it has joined the generations of young people to pay the debt that will bind them to their backs”, aggregate between applauseing estranged people.

Minutes before, the multitude turned in approval after Harris, who is president Joe Biden it has recommended leading the state policy in the empirically triangular north of Central America, presented.

“Our relationship with Honduras is important”, the vice president wrote on Twitter, and agreed to meet with Castro “to discuss the depth of our cooperation in a wide range of themes”.

Harris’ assistance is noteworthy, as minor officials of the rank and file are involved in the Washington delegation.

State authorities are working with Castro to free undocumented immigration from Central America and to support international support in Taiwan. Honduras is one of the smallest countries in the world that maintains diplomatic relations with Taipei.

Castro assumes the cargo enveloped in a dispute with dissidents of his own party. Rival candidates are declared congressional jefes, having their capacity to get elected.

The Taiwanese Vice President, William Lai, also assisted in the task force in an effort to reform the laurels in Honduras following the Castro mandate, which during his election campaign to change his leadership in Beijing from Taipei and become president.

Luis León, director of the Dutch Institute for Multiparty Democracy, said Harris ‘presence was an impetus for Castro in the dispute over congressional control and overcoming Honduras’ economic downturn.

United States, in virtue of its “China-only” policy, recognizes Beijing’s position that Taiwan is part of its territory, although it does not respond to its position. Washington does not have formal diplomatic missions with Taiwan.

Legislative limbo

Biden has urged Harris to address the “fundamental causes” of Central American migration, while its journey is currently underway as the popularity of the mandate in its country has diminished and its immigration strategy has stagnated.

During a bilateral meeting with Castro, the stadium officials plan to discuss the economic opportunities, the gap against corruption and the maneuver of migration, there will be stadium officials.

“We will do a lot and keep the intention to do what we can to support this new president,” said one official.

Castro, who describes himself as a socialist democrat, has promised to address corruption, poverty and violence in Honduras, chronic problems he has contributed to the undocumented immigration to the United States.

For its legislative program, it has been on fire for renegade politicians of its Free Party, as the week ends with the opposition National Conservative party voting for one of its members to lead the Congress.

It has created a rival legislature and has ratified the pact that Libre has with its electoral ally, the Salvador Honduras Party, to designate one of the last members to lead the Congress.

Castro and the rest of his party reconciled with a Salvadorian legislator as the legitimate leader of Congress.

Castro’s Position Tone Finely Gobino’s Eyes Juan Orlando Hernández, of the National Party, which has been accused in the courts of the United States of Corruption and corners with drug traffickers.

The congressman Democrat Norma Torres asked the Jews that Hernandez had been prosecuted for drug trafficking when Castro took over the cargo. Aggregate that the authorities of his country also should apply for his extradition.

However, the mandate may be protected by the extravaganza for which four years as the automatic member of Parliament as soon as the term of office of the President.

Hernández was an ally of Washington, both in anti-drug immigration operations, but the state tax authorities revealed that the 53-year-old had been under investigation for drug trafficking in Honduras.

Hernandez, who had been convicted of the crime by a state witness, repeatedly denied the allegations.


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