Without complying, 91% of recommendations for violence against women in the country

The National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women (Conavim) recognized that at the national level 91% of the recommendations issued for gender violence have not been applied or complied with; while one out of every four municipalities in the country has a declaration of this type.

The agency dependent on the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) recalled in the last six years, 25 Alerts for Gender Violence against Women (AVGM) have been accumulated in 22 entities, which specifically includes 643 municipalities, with more than half (368) with a statement for femicidal violence.

Conavim detailed that in the last six years 552 recommended measures have been issued for governments and local autonomous bodies, due to gender violence, however, their compliance has been very low, which makes it difficult to observe results in the short term, particularly in terms of reduction of femicidal violence.

Of these 552 measures, 208 correspond to the prevention category; 190 are to achieve justice and reparation of the damage to relatives, victims and survivors of femicidal violence, and 154 correspond to security measures.

There are also 293 municipalities with AVGM declared for comparative injury, that is, they are alerts requested due to the existence of legal frameworks or public policies that prevent women and girls from freely exercising their human rights. These cases have been declared for the 212 municipalities of Veracruz and the 81 of Guerrero.

Conavim said that, despite criticism of the alert mechanism, it is still not possible to know if they work because they have not yet been 100% implemented in the territories where it was declared.

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