The state of Zacatecas became this Tuesday the number 25 of the 32 that make up the Republic Mexican in validating same-sex marriages.

The new legal framework that enables this type of union was approved by 18 votes out of 29 possible, after ten deputies of the Zacatecas Congress voted no and after registering an abstention.

The promoters of the initiative also sought to protect people from the Diversity of stereotypes, ideologies and prejudices, and thereby increase their rights and human dignity.

The so-called gay marriage was approved in Zacatecas by deputies from the Labor, Morena, Verde Ecologista, PRD and Encuentro Solidario parties. While the PRI and PAN voted against the initiative.

In this way, the 64th Legislature of Zacatecas passed a series of reforms to the Family Code of the State of Zacatecas that now establishes that marriage is the union of persons, and not of a man and a woman, as previously established.

Until last September, Sonora was the 24th state in Mexico to approve equal marriage.

Prior to Sonora, the approval of gay marriage occurred in Querétaro and even earlier in Baja California, Sinaloa and Yucatán.

These are the 25 states of Mexico that recognize or accept gay marriage by means of protection:

1. Aguascalientes

2. Baja California

3. Baja California Sur

4. Campeche

5. Mexico City

6. Coahuila

7. Colima

8. Chihuahua

9. Chiapas

10. Jalisco

11. Hidalgo

12. Michoacan

13. Morelos

14. Nayarit

15. New Leon

16. Oaxaca

17. Puebla

18. Queretaro

19. Quintana Roo

20. San Luis Potosí

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21. Sinaloa

22. Sonora

23. Tlaxcala

24. Yucatan

25.- Zacatecas

These are the 7 states of the Republic that do not recognize equal marriage:

1. Durango

2. State of Mexico

3. Guanajuato

4. Guerrero

5. Tabasco

6. Tamaulipas

7. Veracruz

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