A Winnipeg-born CFL player is once again turning heads on social media as he mixed in his gymnastics background with his workout.

Shai Ross, a wide receiver with the Edmonton Elks, has gone viral after he posted a video of him doing a barbell clean with a backflip mixed in.

“I got another unique idea and I just wanted to bring it to life,” said Ross.

This isn’t the first time Ross has blown up the internet. Last year he went viral for dunking an Oreo into a glass of milk while performing a backflip.

For his barbell clean flip, he said he never tried anything like this before.

“I actually for the first time, I just tried to backflip with weights. I was just holding some five-pound dumbbells and then, you know, I would slowly go up in weight, just monitoring making sure I can do it.”

Ross said he did gymnastic growing up and also played a variety of sports and having that background allows him to get creative when he does workouts.

“I just like to push the limits. Obviously, within being safe as well. But I like to push the limits and just get creative and do things that people aren’t out there doing.”

Along with being creative, Ross said he likes to mix gymnastics into his routine because he wants to show how important the sport can be for other activities.

“A lot of kids nowadays growing up, I know there are some younger boys … they think that gymnastics is that girly sport or cheerleading is that girly sport. But I will be the first to tell you, if you do that when you are younger it’ll pretty much give that edge when you are older when you transition into other sports.”

Posting these unique videos are also important for Ross to show his young daughter, who has started to be involved in many of his videos on his Instagram page, how important it is to work hard and dedication.

“I’m teaching her a lot of life lessons throughout some of the work I am doing … I definitely like to include her in my things and she is starting to do gymnastics herself.”

In terms of what is next for Ross, he said there are no plans for the next viral video and he is now focused on preparing for the upcoming CFL season.

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