Windsor Yacht Club Hosts Literacy Lunch with Watching the Devil Dance Author

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The local author of a book about Canada’s first known killer, who randomly shot four people on Ford Boulevard, will be the guest of honor next month at a Windsor Yacht Club literacy luncheon.

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Will Toffan’s book, Watching the Devil Dance, is the “incredible true story of Canada’s first known killer in 1966, Matthew Charles Lamb, of how he slipped through the cracks of the criminal justice system.”

Lamb, 18, shot himself unleashed on Ford Boulevard on June 25, 1966. He shot four people and killed two of them.

After being found innocent of insanity, Lamb moved to Africa and joined the Rhodesian Army, fighting for the government in the Zimbabwe War of Liberation. He was killed by friendly fire in 1976.

Toffan will appear on November 20 at the Windsor Yacht Club Literacy Luncheon. The arrival of the guests begins at 11:45 am with lunch at 12:30 pm

Tickets, which must be purchased in advance, cost $ 35, including tax and tip. To purchase, call the yacht club at 519-945-1863. Toffan’s book will also be available for purchase for $ 23. Cash only.

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