In the last year, the image of the Mexican tennis player Fernanda Contreras has had a greater projection to receive proposals from sponsors. Her presence at Roland Garros and Wimbledon have placed her in a place in the WTA ranking (157 in singles) that make her more visible, in addition to the fact that her recent ticket to the main draw of the British tournament means the end of a drought without a Mexican women’s racket. Angélica Gavaldón had planted the flag in 1996.

Fernanda has been in Europe for more than a month and for the moment, she has not spoken with her closest advisers to decide which offers are best for her. Its main promoters have been her parents Magdalena and Javier, coach Christo Van Rensburg and businessman Alfredo Riefkohl, president of Grupo Calidra, who was the first to support her since in 2019 and 2020 she was around the 400 ranking, and in the 2021 on site 274. To date, his work tools have been provided by The O (clothes) and Babolat (racket). There are no contracts.

“Until April of this year no sponsor was interested. For a company to be interested, it must be among the top 200 in the world, but after Roland Garros, there are people who want to interview Fernanda. Magda has been in charge of advising her on her taxes, she does not have a promoter or manager, because there was no need. The company Calibra told Fernanda that she will support her until she is 50 in the world, with that ranking she would be self-sufficient, ”explains Javier Contreras, her father to El Economista.

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